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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Items and Party!

Today I got some Toys…THANKS!…so now I have unlocked some items :)click to enlarge

I meet my Friend Danyredman4 at the Iceberg and played some music for to enlarge

              …in town it was so many Fun Party Penguins… click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

This was a GREAT PARTY! Thanks! to all that danced and sang and please forgive us for making it hard to read…lol…  

                    TOGETHER WE ROCKED THE WORLD :)

More Fun and More Friends :)

Sometimes I get this question from older people “What are you doing in CP?” Well this is SOME of what I did today…Me and my Friend Zigwag working together in the garden laboratory click to enlarge

                                            …PARTY…click to enlarge

                     Pappydrewit read a great story for me :)click to enlarge

                 Nuach and the cute Puffle is now my Friends :)click to enlarge click to enlarge

…Both Wahkan and Nuach is great at this game :) I Love to play Find Four…click to enlarge

click to enlarge

                                        To The Stage…ckick to enlarge

                            …we have some problem to fix…

ckick to enlargey

                                    …lol I LOVE this line…ckick to enlarge

…okay NOW we have BIG problem look at the space ship window…ckick to enlarge

           …everything worked out and we are back from space…

ckick to enlarge

         …time to do our Agent Duty and keep the Puffles safe…ckick to enlarge

                                      PUFFLE PARTY!ckick to enlarge

                                   HAPPY RUNNING!ckick to enlarge

                  Then we got hungry and went to get a Pizza…ckick to enlarge

Spybuster651 worked as a manager today and Puffles was NOT allowed??? Well  Spybuster651 is great and our Puffles can stay :)

ckick to enlargeckick to enlarge  ckick to enlarge                              …one more Puffle Party…ckick to enlarge

                                         …sled race…ckick to enlarge

Bye for now Posey 1010,Nuach and Red and Blue Puffles see you soon again…ckick to enlarge

Thanks! To ALL Penguins that played Together today…It was GREAT FUN :)

Top of the World

Lol…Lil Mika 94 and me just having fun running around laughing and whistling…Why? Why not?…LOL click to enlarge

I love the view from up here and if you are a Secret Agent you can get Higher…:)

 click to enlarge

Club Penguins Tallest mountain is here… click to enlarge

ahhhh…what's wrong my Friend? If you ever find this little fellow please help him…okay? click to enlarge

                      Thanks :) I am Happy too take a look… click to enlarge

                        WOW! AWESOME! This is way COOL! click to enlarge

                                         WHAT???…LOL click to enlarge

From up here our Friend can see if someone is in trouble…If someone are I know you are Kind and Strong…please do all you can to help :)

 click to enlarge 

                                  Follow the sign…lol click to enlarge

              wow…this is high…better put on my safety line… click to enlarge 

                                          …throwing… click to enlarge 

                        Huuh…just little more to climb… click to enlarge

You never know who you find up here…and take a deep breath…AHHH…the air up here is FANTASTIC! click to enlarge

This is a marvellous place to be but now I think I take Goofy Puffle and Picture Puffle home to their owner… click to enlarge

This pic was attached to a letter Aunt Arctic gave to me after helping her in a distressful situation…

 click to enlarge

And this is the view from the Highest Point in Club Penguin…Next time I do this mountain climbing will you come with me? It is Great FUN!

Crazy Cake Video :)

Lol…This is my new video I had so much FUN making it :) Thanks, to all Penguins in the Video…as usual you are GREAT!

                      Happy Three Years Anniversary to us all!

                              Now I will go and eat some…:)

Club Penguin Trading Cards!

More Toys from CP…This time cards to play with and they too will unlock secrets… click to enlargeBillyBob tells us…the cards will connect to a brand new multiplayer game coming soon to Club Penguin. With them, you'll be able enter a code into Club Penguin and get on a 'fast path' to master the new game…

Fun I guess but…I think I miss the old Club Penguin…to much changes to fast…What do you think?

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