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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unlock items Online Contest

The Anniversary Party is over and I had so much FUN :)

To keep the Party feeling I will have a CONTEST :) The Winner will get a Free coin code to unlock Two items online!

Here are the Rules: Put a Saraapril Banner on your blog put the Banner on your site so it always is well visible (don’t put the banner only in a blog post) go HERE for instructions how to do that

Then draw a picture of something FUN you do in Club Penguin

Send the picture to

My Family will help me to choose the best picture…You can enter as many drawings you want…The contest will go on to November 19 after that the winning drawing will be posted at this blog and the winner will be contacted by email…Have FUN and be creative :)

                           Unlock Items Online Contest Video!

The STORM is Soon HERE!

Rockhopper is gone for this time I guess he had to leave before the storm reach us…This is Alarming, Dangerous, WARNING!

click to enlarge 

All around the Island we get encourage by concerned penguins to take action to protect our self from the storm…click to enlarge

You can go to many places for shelter…Nikiforeva is in the rescue team and she took us to her Igloo to be safe :)click to enlarge

Thanks! Nikiforeva and Arm3000 you are GREAT! Both me and Slippykay feel so safe :)

click to enlarge    The Dojo is a popular place to seek shelter in too…click to enlarge 

We have a Party here the Band was Great…Remember the names on this CP Band Penguins you will see them in my next video :)

  click to enlarge

…we continued to warning our penguin friends…

click to enlarge

Thanks to all that played TOGETHER here it was so much FUN :)

click to enlarge

Keep your eyes open very soon things will look darker around the Island…lol

Read more HERE

Unlock Items Online Code

A code can only be used ones after that it is useless so if you enter a code make sure you unlock ALL items you can unlock (one penguin doll toy gives you 2 items) if you don't you lose them... click to enlarge                      This is how it looks if you enter a code…

click to enlarge

With this code I unlocked two Items and I choose the Pink skater hat and the iPod M3000 :)

 click to enlarge

                      Sorry this code don't work anymore…

click to enlarge

I thinking of having a contest to give away a working code...can that be fun? Let me know what you think :)

Halloween Sneak Peek

Wednesday is the spooky day this week! Then is when the Halloween Party starts…I wonder how It will be decorated this year…Here is some pics from last year…click to enlarge

My favorite thing about that Party is The Yellow Puffle started to show up…click to enlarge

If you look at the hallow tree in the left bottom corner you see a candy hidden from the scavenger hunt…lol I sneaking around to get close to the Puffle

click to enlarge 

                                 …so so cute and so shy…

click to enlarge

I LOVED the northern lights it was my favorite place during the Party I think it looks like music :)

 click to enlarge

We will have a  scavenger hunt this year too and lots of hidden spooky surprises to find. If you have  code to redeem for online items don't get the  pumpkin basket item…you will get it for FREE during the Party :)

If you are one of the winners in the Igloo decoration contest you  will get a very special limited edition postcard delivered by Penguin Mail!

WOW! That is COOL!

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