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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Club Penguin Trading Card Game

    WOW! More Toys! Over 100 game cards to trade and collect :)

In each pack we get a code that enhance our play online. And it will be “Dress up Stickers” too :) I like that this is a Multiplayer Game…Click HERE to read more and to see more Pics


To edit pictures for my blog I use Paint.NET. It is a freeware program that is really good :)

Click on the button below to get Paint.NET.

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Dark Sky Outside my Igloo

Look it is Dark outside the Igloo…Thanks, to Egge50 you have a great eye for details :)

click to enlarge

I Found “G” Gary the Gadget Guy!

                                I GOT THE BACKGROUND :)click to enlarge                              Finally I met G! Click on him… 

click to enlarge                                    
                                …to get his Background

click to enlarge

                       He is Harder to spot than Rockhopper…

2008-11-01 10.59.29 - Copy

                  Look for his glasses…and yes he talks to us :)

click to enlarge                                       This is GREAT!

click to enlarge

                                     Science Rules!

click to enlarge                                                  COOL!

click to enlarge                                             Bye Gary!

click to enlarge

                I saw someone else in the crowed…Shell Away :)

click to enlarge                          We have looked for each other…

click to enlarge                                     This is so GREAT :)

click to enlarge

I LOVE Gary! He is so Cool and helps me with my experiments…LOL

click to enlarge                                   HAPPY…HAPPY…HAPPY!

click to enlargeIt was so FUN to Meet Gary and Shell Away! Sorry Shell something happen so I couldn't come to my Igloo you are Welcome to meet my Puffles another time :)

Click HERE to read about how Shell Away and I meet the first time :)

What the Tour Guide say in the Secret Lab

                   This is Gary the Gadget Guy’s secret lab

click to enlarge 

                            He is testing his new invention

click to enlarge

                 The Monster Maker turns penguins in to monsters

click to enlarge                      It also turns monsters back into penguins

click to enlarge

                          That was the Tour Waddle On!

Thanks to my GREAT Tour Group Foxtails, Princess1452 and Miley 1511 :)

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