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Monday, November 3, 2008


I just had talked to G and then he Phoned me…We have get strange reports from the Dojo that something suspicious happening there…It is time to investigate…To the Dojo!

                            WOW! Pick up a Helmet…

click to enlarge click to enlarge

                                          Awesome :)

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Is this the Penguin that build the Dojo? Click on her to see her player card

click to enlarge                        The Tour Hat don't tell anything yet… click to enlarge  

                             …This will be so much FUN :)

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                                The storm is moving away…

click to enlarge…and the Map is upgraded…lol they have moved the Town and the Snow  Fort closer to the Dock, Soccer Pitch to the middle and the Igloos closer to the ocean…LOOK! at the Dojo…click to enlarge

                          I am back in the mountains :)

click to enlarge

                     Hurry up here and Help us dig Please!

The SUN is BACK :)

The Storm is gone and no Penguins or Puffles are reported hurt or missing :) THAT IS GREAT! I talked to G and he reassured me that all are back to Normal again…Yes he said Klutzy and Herbert have been spotted lurking around the Island so they too survived the Storm, I still want all Agents to be on alert and immediately report anything suspicious around the Island to me and to keep all Puffles safe…Okay G we will do that :)

At November 5-6 we will have a Fireworks Celebration! It will take place at the Iceberg and in the Ski Mountain…AWESOME! The Fireworks here on the Island is always GREAT :)

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At November 7 the New Penguin Style Catalog will come out AND a New Big Wigs Catalog so start working to earn coins :) LOL…I hope for  PINK Crazy Hair :)

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A New Pin will be Hidden November 7 it will be so much FUN to find it :)

      One thing WERE IS THE NINJA NOW? Have anyone seen her?

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