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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Puffles Helps out at Dojo

My Puffles LOVE the old Penguin and they follow me to work up there all the time :)


They all have different skills so they have all different ways to help…

                  Speed makes a Tornado to move the snow…

click to enlarge

…Sunshine loves to sing for us that makes the work more FUN to do…

click to enlarge

…Here Chillie flying up the ladder to get out there…so he can bowling away the snow :)

click to enlarge…Gosig using the fan on top of the hat to blow snow away…very smart :)

click to enlarge  

                              Purple dancing away snow…

click to enlarge

And Blueberry helps to tell EVERYONE to bring the PUFFLES to the DOJO ROOF so we can  work TOGETHER:)

click to enlarge

                   Sweet making cute noises so everyone smiles :)

click to enlarge                   Here I use hot water to melt the snow away…

click to enlarge


                      We take breaks too…to play in the snow…



Secret NINJA Message in Newspaper

This is COOL! Log in at Club Penguin open Newspaper and then…scroll over the letters and click on letters to spell  N I N J A…

click to enlarge 

                             SECRET NINJA MESSAGE!click to enlarge

What will this means? It can have something to do with the new Trading Cards…

click to enlarge                                 Click HERE to read more

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