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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sneak Peek from New Play at Stage

November 21 is the Day for a new Play :) This looking so cozy I think it is a place for fairytales…what do you think?


THANKS AGAIN! To ALL that send us their amazing Drawings :) The Unlock Items Online Contest will end November 19 so it is still time to enter…Click HERE to Read more!click to enlarge                       Click HERE to see the Contest Video!

How to be a NINJA!

This is the secret to become a NINJA in Club Penguin…click to enlarge   Sensei inviting us to be his Students…He will give us some Card-jitsu cards to start with and when you master the Ancient art of the Card-jitsu YOU WILL BECOME A NINJA!click to enlarge

I Like that we have to TRAIN and work TOGETHER to become a NINJA :) That we have to PROVE OUR SKILLS and  EARN our Belts That is GREAT!

click to enlarge

DOJO Grand Re-Opening

This is Sensei he have returned from a great journey and now he looking for students who wish to become Ninjas and like card Games :) So the old Penguins name is Sensei it make sense…lolclick to enlarge

The Dojo’s Grand Re-Opening is November 14-16 and then we will get ready for the NINJA Training Game Card-Jitsu that we can start to play November 17…COOL!click to enlarge

                 Thanks for the invitation we will be there :)

Book, Party and Mysterious Boxes!

I was working hard to save up money for the Coins for Change Campaign that will come soon when I meet my Friend Brownie88521 he have the cool Book Item :)

click to enlarge

                                 We had a BOOK PARTY!click to enlarge       We Party all over the Island Dancing, Singing and Laughing :)

click to enlargeIn the Boiler Room we found this Mysterious boxes… Have Rockhopper left them here? What's in them? If someone knows please tell me :)

click to enlarge

                       HAPPY RUNNING to Disco Music…LOLclick to enlarge

         This was FUN THANKS! for a GREAT Time Brownie88521 :)

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