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Monday, November 17, 2008

Card-Jitsu - New Game in The Dojo!

This is what BillyBob tells us about the new Card Game:

Playing the Card-Jitsu game will start you on the path of your ninja training. The more you play, the closer you'll get to mastering the game and discovering what being a ninja in Club Penguin is all about. When you go to The Dojo, talk to the Sensei and he'll give you a deck of cards to use. There are three modes of play:

Friend Mode: You can have friendly competition with other penguins by clicking on the blue mats inside The Dojo. You'll gain some experience points through this mode.

Competition Mode: The Sensei will match you with another player of similar skill level. You'll gain the most experience points in this mode of play.

Sensei Mode: You can challenge the Sensei at any belt level, but when you beat him at the black belt level (level 9), you'll be rewarded with special online items.

Don't forget that if you have the new Club Penguin Trading Cards, you can click on the Unlock Items Online icon to enter your unique code. It will enhance your online game play. And if you need help with the game, you can go to talk to the Sensei inside The Dojo.

THANKS! BillyBob an Club Penguin Team for this information you are ALL GREAT!

How do I get a Belt?

If you PLAY the jitsu-card game at the Dojo in Club Penguin you will EARN your Belts :)

Click HERE to learn how to play…

click to enlarge


It is PUFFLES in the GAME :) I am HAPPY AGAIN :) If you play with Sensei a lot of fun stuff happens, Puffles, Ninjas Hot sauce…and more…

                   Look all snow is gone from the Dojo now..

                         …Cool…but more FLOWERS PLEASE!click to enlarge

…Inside…if you click on the poster on the wall you get all Ninja Belts :)click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hover over pillow or symbols click and the Sensei will come…click on him…  click to enlarge

                                          …YES or NO…click to enlarge

       The Sensei talks a lot and tells you all you need to know :) click to enlargeclick to enlarge

                       Here I play against the Sensei…lolclick to enlarge

                                 …He have many tricks…

  click to enlarge

     …Sensei is NOT the kindest Penguin on the Island…hmmmm…  

click to enlarge 

My first game against another student is Pinkie55650… Pinkie55650 wins over me Congratulations! you are AWESOME!

click to enlarge 

            Then I start to win after two game I won in a row…

click to enlarge

                                      …my FIRST Belt :)

click to enlarge click to enlarge Try Competition mode if you want to earn Belts…and Sensei Mode if you want to have FUN…LOL

click to enlarge

Now I will go and train some more…if you see me in Club Penguin lets play TOGETHER :)

Waiting for NINJA Training to start

Something must be wrong the Ninja cards should be here 13 hours ago…Probably a BUG! Well we just have to wait until it is fixed…

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

                              …I HOPE this will be fun…

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