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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Femelaping! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for your GREAT Drawing :)click to enlargeThe story of the picture: Me and my puffle were on a short walk near the medieval castle, but the rain started. I had only one umbrella, which fits just me, not me + my puffle, so I gave it to him. After that, we went home in our warm igloo. click to enlarge 

                      Me and Femelaping meet in the Forest…click to enlarge

                        …I asked her what Items she choose…

click to enlarge                    ..she get the guitar and the sneakers :) Cool!

click to enlarge                                      You are so Welcome :)

click to enlarge

                  We had a Contest Winner Party! TOGETHER :)

click to enlargeFemelaping have already learn how to play and the new guitar sounds GREAT! click to enlarge

                                          This is FUN!

click to enlarge

                        We Celebrate with some Sled Race…

 click to enlarge

                                        …and Find Four…click to enlarge

            Congrats again you did a Great job with the Drawing :)

click to enlargeclick to enlargeIf you meet Femelaping remember to say CONGRATULATIONS to her :)

THANKS! To ALL that enter this Contest it was so much FUN to look at all GREAT Drawings :) You are all Fantastic Artists!

To read more about the Contest click HERE

New Play “Fairy Fables” at the Stage!

This can be FUN! I LOVE the hair :) Sparkles! Pink and Purple! WOW!This sounds GREAT :)

click to enlarge The New Play starts at Friday then you know were to find me…LOL

                    A New Pin will be Hidden on Friday Too :)

The Fast Path to become a Ninja

If you want to be a Ninja fast you can buy the power cards…It is called “The Fast Path” or as we Real Ninjas who become Ninjas with ONLY the cards Sensei gave us…”The Lazy track for less skilled Penguins”…The FUN thing with the Power Cards is the small cartoons during the game :)

THE FAST PATH - The quickest way to master Card-Jitsu

click to enlarge

Click HERE for were to buy the cards

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