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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Items to Unlock Online soon

Christmas is soon here and because of that the Treasure Book will be Updated with a few seasonal items…Starting on Friday 5 December  you will be able to use the codes you have from toys to unlock different items in the Treasure Book!

click to enlarge  The items that are in the Treasure Book now will still be available plus a few more items :)

            Click Here for info about How to Unlock Items Online

The Ice Rink will return :)

Thanks Club Penguin for promising  to give us our Ice Rink back :) In mid-December the Ice Rink will be here so we can go Ice Skating again…AWESOME! I can Hardly Wait!click to enlarge                     Until then I try to Ice Skate at the Ice Berg…

click to enlarge           …I LOVE my new Ice Princess Dress and my Ice Skates :) 

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