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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Penguin Style Catalog Update!

On Friday we will get more outfits WOHOOO! Some outfits will be Christmas-themed…click to enlargeThe Christmas Party will start December 19…I wish for a Winter Wonderland with snow falling down softly :)

Cool Stuff From Community

            Here on Community something always going on…click to enlarge

                                    I LOVE ALL of THIS :)click to enlarge

                                   LOL…this was Funny…

click to enlarge 

I was so HAPPY to find this some time ago :) I will Print this out and color it and add some Glitter Glue…LOTS of GLITTER GLUE…LOL

click to enlarge

Then I will give the Drawing away to my Grandfather he will be so Happy! He LOVES to get Drawings from me and he always put them up on the wall :)

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