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Friday, December 5, 2008

New Igloo :)

I LOVE to ski and ice skate so The Backyard Igloo is PERFECT for me :) Now it is time to Decorate…

click to enlarge

..Me and Teddina talks about what flowers we will plant next spring…

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                                …Hi snowman FRIENDS :)

click to enlarge …We had so much FUN playing TOGETHER with the train and my Puffles jumped up on the train to ride :) Sweet got so dizzy so she bumped in to Chillie and knocked down all the Bowling Pins…we ALL laughs so Much…LOL

click to enlarge 

…I can ice skate here…and my snow Friends is judge and give me points…click to enlarge

…Me and the snowman took a long walk in the forest…after all this outside activates we got cold…The warmth from the fire is GREAT!

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                           …and we just melt a little…LOL

Rockhopper is Spotted

If you go to the Beacon you can see Rockhopper’s Ship Migrator true the Telescope…

                                            I CAN SEE IT!!!

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                          …LOOK! It is Christmas Decorated…

click to enlargeIt will be so Much FUN to meet My Friend Rockhopper again :) I have so Much to tell him…I can Hardly Wait…2

New Items in Treasure Book

Santa Hat, White Beard, Red Hoodie, Pirate Boots, Reindeer Antlers, Elf suit and Elf Shoes are the New seasonal Items in The Treasure Book…click to enlarge …I Guess we will get some Seasonal Items at the Christmas Party starting December 12…

Penguins at Work

                  This is AWESOME! Now we can bake a Cake :)

click to enlarge                  Put on the Apron and the hat and then Dance :)

                    Click HERE to look at my Crazy Cake Video :)

Penguin Style Catalog for December

Scroll over the pages and you find the secrets spots to click…I know you are smart so I only tell the pages were the secrets are hidden…It is so Much FUN to looking for the hidden Items :)

                     A New Catalog with lots of Cool outfits :)

click to enlarge

…Here you need to click on 4 places to find the secret hidden Yellow scarf…click to enlarge

                                 ...The Cool Russian Hat…

click to enlarge

                             …The Red Viking Helmet…

click to enlarge 

…The Blue Viking Helmet open and close the Red Viking Helmet Four times…

click to enlarge 

                            …The Pink Pom Pom Toque…

click to enlarge

                                  …The Red Hoodie…

click to enlarge  

                            …The Black Superhero Mask…

click to enlarge

                              …The Black Scuba Mask…

click to enlarge This was all Hidden Secret Items I found this time…did you find more?

The New Snow Fort Pin at Pet Shop

                          The New Pin is a Snow Fort :) Cool!

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