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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sneak Peaks from Card-Jitsu Game

Screenhog have give us this Cool Drawings from behind-the-scenes of The Card-Jitsu Game…It is Always FUN to see Great art like this…click to enlarge click to enlarge  THANKS Screenhog! I LOVE Drawings so I Appreciate this :) Can we Please get one when Sensei make all  Puffles running over us? If we can I will be so Happy…Please?

Secret Reveled: Classified!

                             Here is secret Number Four…

                  …This weeks secrets is from our Catalogs…click to enlarge

…Here you find The Sport Catalog Secret to get the Silver Surfboard and the Secret Igloo Upgrades-Snow Globe…Cool :)

click to enlarge

                          …Did you know this before?

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