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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ninja Card-Jitsu Deck

To start Playing Card-Jitsu you go up to Sensei and click on him and he will give you a Card Deck…You will find your Card Deck under Awards on your Player Card :)

click to enlarge        This Deck is ALL you need to become a Ninja…and Training :)

Toys for UK

                                CONGRATULATIONS UK!click to enlarge  The following toys will be available in a variety of UK locations very, very soon:
6" Limited Penguins
2" Mix 'N Match Figures
4" Pet Puffles
Igloo Playsets

Club Penguin Trading Cards will Hopefully be available soon too :) This is GREAT News for UK :)

What about all other Penguins in The World? Can they buy Toys in their Countries soon? Please!

Snow Fort in My Igloo :)

Me and My Puffles have so Much FUN TOGETHER Again :) Today we built a Snow Fort and had a BIG  Snow Fight…It was AWESOME! We played for hours laughed and had a GREAT Time! Sweet got so tired…Isn't she Cute?

click to enlarge


It is so Nice to see so Many Penguins working Hard to Collect Coins all over the Island :) GREAT WORK!

click to enlarge 

                                   But Who will gets the Help?

click to enlarge

                          Go to Club Penguins Home Page and… click to enlarge                              …click on the Donations Pot…

click to enlarge

Here you find information about who you can Help and make a Different for with your Donated Coins :)

                                 To read this Click HERE :)

      If you hold your pointer over the Crows Nest Yarr jumps out :)click to enlarge

Yarr Keeps a close eye on all the Donation Pots and he asked me to tell you that all HELPFUL and KIND Penguins he can see from the Crows Nest makes him PROUD!click to enlarge

Rockhopper and Coins for Change is HERE!

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