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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Party Preparations…

When I waddle around Today I found some Boxes with Party Decoration from Rockhopper…in Town…click to enlarge                                              The Cove…

click to enlarge

                                    …and Ski Village…

click to enlarge

            …Snow :) will I get my Winter Wonderland…I hope so :)

 click to enlarge

                     Thanks for the Decorations Rockopper!

Fun Fun Fun :)

I Waddling around and do Little of This and That :) Just before I started Redecorating My Igloo My Friend Shell Away come for a visit and we had a Nice chat…

click to enlarge   Shell Away have a really Cool Decorating I Love the Ice Ponds so Much :) Maybe we can have a Ice Skating Party there soon?

click to enlarge  I LOVE The Treasure Hunt and I try to earn as Much as Possible so I can Donate More Money to Coins for Change :)

click to enlarge

                           YES!!! The Ornament Bonus :)click to enlarge

         Is Rockhopper here? No…But some Fun Penguins are :)

click to enlarge I Want to Help out with Coins for Change as Much I can Because it  is so IMPORTANT!

click to enlarge

                         TOGETHER We having so Much FUN :)

click to enlarge Me and my Puffle Sunshine is so HAPPY to meet Yarr again so we started a PARTY FOR YARR :)

click to enlarge

          Gamzeilekaan used the Bell to make Party Noise Thanks!

click to enlarge

LOL…Canon Salute :) and more Party Penguins Diri Din3 and Buggirl26…

  click to enlarge

…Candycandyhu…Brittany1141…Puimicsiroz…Yojohn6677 Me Sunshine and Yarr :) It was a GREAT FUN PARTY :)

 click to enlarge

                   Then we had a GREAT and FUN Town Party :)

click to enlarge My Friend Lilliana365 have a Great Decorated Igloo :) On her lawn Santa's Rein Dears resting…Cute :)

click to enlarge

              …Is Rockhopper here? We miss you so Much!

click to enlarge 

                …and here we have a Blue Party…GO BLUE!

click to enlarge

                                     More Coins…GREAT :)click to enlarge

                    Rockhopper…Rockhopper were are you?

click to enlarge We MISS you so MUCH Rockhopper…Please come soon…I still Looking for you…

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