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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Party Sneak Peek and Toys

A New Sneak Peek from the Christmas Party :) A Work Shop sounds so much FUN I wonder what we can do there? On Friday we will know :)

click to enlarge

The new Club Penguin toys coming to the UK and you can buy them in this Disney Stores:
Oxford St., Bluewater, Manchester Arndale, Liverpool 1, Belfast, Metro, Cardiff, White City, Bull Ring (Birmingham), Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Chester, Trafford, Meadowhall, Cribbs, Leeds (White Rose), Glasgow.

Impossible to find Captain Rockhopper?

I ALWAYS Looking forward too meet Captain Rockhopper :) The News Paper announcing when he will arrive, I go to the Beacon to Look for The Migrator every day…The Ship coming closer…I Looking forward to all the FUN we all will have TOGETHER…Me and My Friends waiting for him at the Beach and having a Party to Welcome him…The Ship is Anchored…Then…NO ROCKHOPPER!!!click to enlarge  HOW CAN I FIND ROCKHOPPER??? WERE IS ROCKHOPPER???

It has been more or less impossible to find Rockhopper this Days.

There are 109 English servers and 17 Portuguese servers. In total 126 servers….ROCKHOPPER CAN BE IN ANY OF THEM…OR IN NON!

To log in to a server and search for Rockhopper in the rooms where he typically is and log out takes about 2 minutes or more. This is when the map is used to jump from room to room. If the servers are crowded or you have a slow computer it can take A LOT MORE Time.

Rockhopper is typically is in these places: On His Ship, in The Ship Hold, Captain’s Quarter’s, Crows Nest, Beach, Dock, Town, Pizza Parlor, Nightclub, Snow Fort, Forrest,The Plaza, Cove, Iceberg, Dojo, Dojo Courtyard…

To search all 126 servers would take 4 hours and 52 minutes. But that is NOT POSSIBLE Because if you log in and out on too many servers you get temporary BANNED!

To that equation add that often many servers are Full and some of the rooms are Full, what if Rockhopper is there?

Then Rockhopper does not stay very long at each server and he jumps from one server to another, but not in a for us know order. So if you just searched one of the servers and left…Rockhopper might enter that server and you miss him.

Is Rockhopper also Online ALL the time during the days his ship Migrator is at Club Penguin? If not, that makes the chance to find him even smaller.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Most kids have quite limited time they can play on Club Penguin and that making it really impossible to EVER Meet Rockhopper.

Most Penguins wants to meet Rockhopper once EVERY time he comes to the Island for a visit. It is Depressing to NOT FIND ROCKHOPPER!  Manny Children feel STRESSED and SAD! This is NOT Fun at all. It’s ALMOST Hopeless to find Rockhopper.

Club Penguin really needs to do something about this. Here is some Suggested SOLUTIONS to how to find Rockhopper so EVERYONE can Meet ROCKHOPPER!

The First idea is to have the server where he is indicated when you sign in and if you don’t have time to meet him on that server it should keep showing where he is until you have meet Rockhopper. Only when you have met him at least one time there is no need to show where he is.

Like this:


Another way to solve this problem is to let Rockhopper send us a Post Card with a Code. When you log in it will be a Icon with Rockhopper to enlarge Click on the Icon and Enter the Code. You will be directed to the server and place Rockhopper are. To ask Club Penguin to ensure we get a minimum of 10 minutes time with Rockhopper is reasonable. The Code can be used only once so after that you can “Rockhopping” to find him.

Rockhopper should have a NEW Background or Item to give us when we meet him EVERY Time he Visit The Island. 

What do you think Club Penguin Team? Can you fix this?

See also Where is Rockhopper?


We Threw a HUGE PARTY for Rockhopper…Dancing, Singing, Harts…All to Show Rockhopper how MUCH he meant to us… click to enlarge

                                  …but he didn't came…

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