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Friday, December 26, 2008

FUN Around!

         Me Ethan217 and Frozen Boxy are Gingerbread Penguins :)

click to enlarge The Pizza Parlor are so busy…And here is a Secret you can Play on the Harp…Cool :) Just brush over it…I Like that sound :)

click to enlarge   Now I will go to Snow Fort for a Snow Ball Fight…see you there :)

Gingerbread House Igloo

I have so Much Fun playing Gingerbread Girl at the Mine so I decided to Make My Igloo to a Candy House :) Log in to Club Penguin go to your Igloo and open Igloo Upgrade Catalog…Then find this page and click on ALL Four Candy…and you have found the Secret Gingerbread Igloo :)

click to enlarge

    …here it is…My Puffles LOVES the smell in the New Igloo…LOL…

click to enlarge

…My Friend Lilliana365 come for a visit :) She thinks my Igloo is Cute :) Thanks! and if we get hungry we can eat my Igloo…LOL

click to enlarge

           …DONE! All Decorations is in Place…I Like this :)

click to enlarge 

         …HOME SWEET HOME…LOL…Welcome to visit Me :)

click to enlarge

…and if you do please eat some Candy! I don't want My Puffles to eat ALL the Candy they will be so sick…LOL

Update from HQ

G have left us a New Message: Attention All Agents Be On Alert…We are, We are :) Look for anything suspicious around the Island…If you find something report Directly to G :)

click to enlarge

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