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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What will Happen in Mission Eleven?

Thanks to a smart plan from The Director we saved the Puffles from Herberts horrible plan and instead got him sidetracked to look for the Golden Puffle…

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    …here he is holding the Fake Golden Puffle…one…two…tree…NOW!

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…WE TRAPPED HIM! Now we can have Peace on the Island again :) but what will we do with Herbert? Can he be reformed and find a Home here with us? And what about our weather? Herbert Hates snow and cold…he need warm and sunshine a Tropical Paradise can G fix a Giant Sunmaker 3000 for him? OPPS!…ROOKIE!!!…Well…Herbert gets Away and we need a NEW plan…

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         …What is this? Herbert dropped something on the floor…

click to enlarge…seeds?..Yes..AWESOME! are Herbert planning something Good this time? Like a vegetable Garden?…or a Park…

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…I Hope Herbert planning to plant a FLOWER GARDEN :) I LOVE Flowers…LOL…That make sense he want a Tropical Paradise…can we give him a Gigantic Green House?

All Ideas will be Appreciated :)

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