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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi Friends :) PARTY ALERT!

Hi Friends so many of you want to meet me in Club Penguin and that makes me so Happy :) Sadly It is hard to find time to meet you all…you are from all over the World and we all lives in different Time Zones…Today I will be at The Dock 1.00 PM Club Penguin Time…I will be in the server Frozen if the server is full I will post a Update here and tell what server I am in…click to enlarge

        This is how I look at My Player Card right now…FLOWERS :)

click to enlarge                               Welcome to The Dock Party :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Pin is a Lily Pin :)

Up here at the Beacon you find the latest Club Penguin Pin… a FLOWER!click to enlarge

                             …YES Please! I want this Pin!click to enlarge

               This is the Cutest Pin I ever have seen :) I LOVE it!

New Sports Catalog

Snow and Sports for January is here :) I like the New and old Cool Outfits…click to enlarge

…On this page you find the Secret Hidden Mountain climber Outfit and the Hiking Boots…

click to enlarge

      The silver Surfboard are Hidden as usual click HERE to find it

                     ...Now I will go and find the New Pin…

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hanging out in our Igloo

Today Pretty 5006 visit us in our Igloo Me and my Puffles Loves to have company…My Puffles had a Surprise for me Today…I will Blog More about that later :)

click to enlarge

Party Delayed!

The Winter Festival have been postponed from February to March…So we have to store the snow in the Attic a little bit longer…Now I will play Find Four :)click to enlarge

Member Badge Update!

Now we can see on other Penguins Player Cards if they are Members or not :) This is Parputt and she is a Member…Cool Outfit :)

I Hope Paint By Letters Coming Soon

What are Club Penguin Team up to? I know Today they Squashing Bugs :)
Here is a Update about the new Paint By Letters Book that was scheduled to launch on Friday...Sorry! No New Book yet…CPT found some bugs that need to be fixed so the game are not ready for us to play yet…
This FUN Book is worth waiting for so we will try to patiently wait for CP to fix the bugs…but it is REALLY Hard to wait…lol…

Thanks Club Penguin Team for your Hard Work to fix this so we can have FUN playing it soon :)

New Play at Stage at 13 February

Here is a Sneak Peek from The Stage! Next Play will be Team Blue vs Team Red again :)

click to enlarge  No Matter what Team you Cheer for It is ALWAYS MORE FUN to Work TOGETHER :)click to enlarge          …So Welcome to The Stage February 13…Lets have FUN!

Classified: Secret Revealed

                                        Secret Nr 11…

click to enlarge This Weeks Secret is from The Boiler Room…Here you find old News Paper and you can access other Rooms from here too…The Night Club Speaker has a secret door and…click to enlarge

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Picture in Fun Activities

A New Picture we can Draw :) Cadence on the Dance Floor and…Click HERE to get the Whole Picture…click to enlarge…time for coloring and GLITTER GLUE! Soon My Granddad will have one More Drawing on his wall  :)

A New Paint by Letters Book :)

This is  Great News :) Tomorrow in the Book Room, there will be a brand new Paint By Letters book. "Lime Green Dojo Clean" I LOVE this Books they are FUN to Read and all the Hidden Secret effect are AWESOME!click to enlargeI and many others have asked Club Penguin for More of this Cool Book so THANKS for listening to us  :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sneak Peek from Sports Catalog

I Think this is a Climbing Wall! That is so COOL! I have tried one for real and it was so MUCH FUN! I Will LOVE to have one in my Igloo :) And I LOVE the cute colors…Pink…Purple…Spring Green…click to enlarge

The Catalog is out this Friday so in a Couple of days we will know for sure…Time to Work and earn some Coins :)

Forest Party :)

                     We hade lots of Fun in the Fiesta Forest :)

click to enlarge

                …Gosig Loved to flying around the Dragons…

2009-01-25 06.37.18 - Copy

                      Ninja Agentr are Fantastic on Guitar :)click to enlarge

        Nivalinia invited us all to Dance…and Danced we did :)click to enlarge

                            It was a GREAT FUN PARTY!click to enlarge

Thanks! To all Party Penguins :) It was so Much FUN to Party TOGETHER see you soon again in Club Penguin :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS-Game International Update!

Nintendo DS Club Penguin Game will soon be more spread over the World :) In North America it have been for sale for a while…Many Kids asking when the Club Penguin DS game will be available in other countries…We Know for sure that Club Penguin Team working really hard to make it happen and… click to enlargeThis is what Billybob tells us: Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Game is ALREADY available in English for some Latin American countries, and we've confirmed that in the spring of 2009 (this spring!), it'll be on the shelves in the United Kingdom and Australia!!

THANKS! For letting us Know :) Me and my Brother have almost saved up the money we need to buy a DS-Game TOGETHER! So hopefully we can buy one soon…Then I just need to convince my Brother to get a PINK one…LOL

Pizza Party and Puffle Party at Dock!

Sunshine and I went for a Pizza it was Yummmy…Then TOGETHER with Cutepupp27. Bobby10129 and Sonnymolly12 we entertained the Penguins at Pizza Parlor we had so Much FUN :)

  click to enlarge

The Dock is the “it” place right Now and here we have Great Party's…

click to enlarge

                                      …Puffle Party!

click to enlarge

     …Today I got so Many New Friends :) One of them is 1elle3…

click to enlarge

                                    …Sing and Dance…

click to enlarge

  …Thanks Friends for all Fun we had Today Nice to meet you all :)

click to enlarge

                     Next Party will be in The Forest…

Friday, January 23, 2009

Golden Stairs Party!

Today I meet Eggplant80 and TOGETHER we started a FUN Party!click to enlarge

…we Dancing…Laughing…Singing and Talking on the Golden Stairs :)

click to enlarge             …don't be sad Jv5050 please come and Party with us :)

click to enlarge                            Lets ALL have FUN TOGETHER :)

Fiesta Party Decorations and Secrets!

Some of the Party Decorations are the same as Last Year and some are New…The Night Club Looks Very Cool :) You can hit all Piñatas and you find them here and there…

click to enlarge

…The Forest is AWESOME! This is Already My Favorite Room :) Click on Palm Tree…WATCH OUT!…LOL

click to enlarge

                    ...Perfect! Here I can Plant FLOWERS :)

click to enlarge  

                            FLOWERS! FLOWERS!! FLOWERS!!!

click to enlarge

              …click on Bell to serve different kinds of  Mexican Food…

click to enlarge

                              …Coffee and Nachos Anyone?

click to enlarge

            …Remember to send a Party Card to your Friends :)

click to enlarge              Lets Party TOGETHER in CP see you All There Today :)

Fiesta Party Free Item :)

The Fiesta Party is HERE :) and you find the Free Item at Cove…

click to enlarge                                  …It is a Mini Sombrero…

click to enlarge

                    …Cute  Little Sombrero! Time to Party!

click to enlarge

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sketch from Dance Contest Game

We Penguins LOVE to Dance and the Night Club is one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin…it was there from the start :) It is Great that we now have a Dance Game that includes a Multiplayer Mode…I Love that we can Dance and have FUN TOGETHER :) Thanks Screenhog for showing us this Cute sketch from way back when Club Penguin Team first designing the Dance Contest Game :)click to enlarge

500 Blog Posts!

This is My 500th Blog Post and I will say THANK-YOU to All Penguin Friends over the World that follow my Blog THANKS! This Blog have Readers from 107 Countries and TOGETHER I hope that we will continue to Have FUN in Club Penguin :)click to enlarge                      Me and My Puffles had a 500 Blog Post Party :)

click to enlarge         See you all in CP :) Have a Puffely Happy Day and Waddle ON!  

Fiesta Party Tomorrow :)

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow,Party, Party, Party…Lalalalalaa :)click to enlarge

January 23-25 2009 La Gran Fiesta! Club Penguins BIG Fiesta PARTY! and YOU ARE INVITED! See you there :)click to enlarge        …Lalalalaaa…Party! Party!…Party!…Lalalaaalaaa laaa :)                 

Secret Revealed: Classified

                                         Secret Nr 10

click to enlarge …this time it is about Secret Rooms in Club Penguin…Captain’s Quarter, HQ and Ninja Hideout…

click to enlarge

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