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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rockhopper and a Agua Grabber Glitch

As a Secret Agent I have many things to do…Today I will Help Rockhopper to get more Coins, Rubin's and Emerald’s to the Treasure Hunt Game…So Many Penguins have FUN and enjoying the Game and Rockhopper is so HAPPY for that! This Morning he and Yarr came by my Igloo and waken me and my Puffles up with a Ship-shape sea shanty…Rockhopper is a Good Friend but he is NOT the best singer…LOL…Rockhopper and Yarr visit Saraapril Anyway I promised to help him and search for more Treasures…We drank Cream Soda and talked about his last Adventures at Sea…I Nearly Got LOST he said but Yarr helped me find the way back to Club Penguin Island…click to enlarge Then I asked Rockhopper this: If I find a Special Rare gem do you want me to save it for you so you can make it into a engagement ring for Aunt Arctic? He smiled and just mumbled Shiver me Timbers…Yarr stopped playing with Sweet and Chillie and runs over to me, jumped up and down and nodded YES!  :)Yarr  After saying Bye to Yarr and Rockhopper (Rockhopper couldn't stop smiling) Me and Sweet Waddled to The Iceberg and on the Agua Grabber…

click to enlarge

            …when we started the Game we found this Glitch…

 click to enlarge


click to enlarge …The Cool thing is…just Hoover over and it Turns to Normal again :)

click to enlarge       Back to Normal Again! I think this is a FUN and Cool Glitch :)

click to enlarge                    I think I will start in the Clam Waters…

click to enlarge

                       …Careful now don't Wake the Clam…

click to enlarge

                            Thanks for the Help Sweet :)

click to enlargeNow we will Dive Deeper to find Treasures to Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt Game and Hopefully that SPECIAL Gem…

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rockhopper and Yarr takes a Walk

My Friend Abdullahhhh told me that our Friends Rockhopper and Yarr have been spotted around Club Penguin Island...Click HERE to see More Pics…Thanks Abdullahhhh for telling me this you are a GREAT Friend! And Thanks to Happyrunning for this Pic :)

I have not so much Computer Time this weekend…So I hope to Find Rockhopper and Yarr Fast…If any of you meet them Please let me know were they are THANKS :)

Update: White Puffle in Club Penguin’s Video

In The Club Penguin Video we can see Snowflake :) I Forgot to Blog about that Sorry…Here is a Picture…click to enlarge

                          Read More about Snowflake HERE

How to Play Treasure Hunt Game

If you don't find Rockhopper don't get Sad Try to have FUN Anyway…Go for some Treasure Hunting with your Friends :) Work TOGETHER and you can soon be RICH! click to enlarge

                               Here are some Advice…

 click to enlarge

      Click on How to Play Treasure Hunt  and follow instructions :)

click to enlarge              Me and Rambo311 digging TOGETHER for Treasures…

click to enlarge

                                     Red Sparkling Ruby! click to enlarge               Great! Sometimes you can Find a EMERALD too :)

2009-02-27 04.19.43                               I have a lot of Coins Now :)

click to enlarge      THANKS! Rockhopper for sharing your Treasure with all of us :)

Asking Aunt Arctic: Were is Rockhopper?

Today I was invited to a Party at Aunt Arctic's Igloo…It was a GREAT Party and we had so Much FUN :)) After all Dancing and Singing we started to Talk about Rockhopper…

click to enlarge He is so hard to find but she gave me some Advices and promised to print them in the Newspaper too :) Here they are…The Captain tends to attract Crowds so look out for large groups of Penguins…Rockhopper ALWAYS docks at The Beach and likes to Party in Town, at The Dock and on The Iceberg…Thanks Aunt Arctic for the Tips and I will try to be Patient and Remember that Good Things comes to Penguins who wait!click to enlarge

I took the opportunity to ask if the Rumor about her and Rockhopper is True…Will you too get Married soon? Aunt Arctic didn't answered…She just Blushed and smiled secretly!click to enlarge

           Thanks! for a FABULOUS FUN PARTY Aunt Arctic :)

Migrator Glitch!

Captain Rockhoppers Ship The Migrator have a Glitch…Migrateur is Portuguese and French…LOL

The Migrator Glitch

Rockhopper and Yarr have Arrived :)

                            The Migrator have landed…

 click to enlarge

               I wonder what Rockhopper bring us this Time?

click to enlarge

               The Free Item is a Treasure Map Background :)

click to enlarge

                           The Secret Hidden Porthole…

click to enlarge

If you need Help to find the Key to Captain’s Quarters click HERE and HERE you can read the Cool Riddle we got from Rockhopper  to find the Key…I search the Island TOGETHER with Friends and had a GREAT FUN Time :)

click to enlarge

                        Remember to Read the Notice Board…

click to enlarge

                                     This will be FUN!

 click to enlarge

                    LOOK! A White Puffle Behind the Trees :)

click to enlarge

Yarr is NOT HERE! I Guess he is for a walk with Rockhopper :) This is the FIRST time Yarr have overcome his shyness and walk around The Island…Good for you :) Hope to meet you soon my Friend :)

click to enlarge

                              Were are you Rockhopper?

click to enlarge

                              Time to Rockhopping AGAIN!

New Pin in Club Penguin at Ice Berg the O’ Berry Pin

                  I Found The New Pin At The Iceberg…

click to enlarge

                       …Yes Please I like to pick it up :)

click to enlarge


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Waiting for Rockhopper and Yarr Party!

              Soon, Soon The Migrator will Dock at the Beach…click to enlarge      …and Me and My Friends are Ready to Welcome him and Yarr :)click to enlarge    I hope He take Time to stay and Chat for a while and have some Cream Soda with us :)

click to enlarge                                          Soon, Soon, Soon :)

Where can I find the White Puffle?

I am Happy to report that I just met Snowflake at the Puffle Roundup! She willingly let herself be round up TOGETHER with the other Puffles and I have now taken her to the Pet Shop! click to enlarge   The Puffle trainer Penguin was Amazed because Snowflake was the FIRST White Puffle  he ever had seen…click to enlarge When we talked another Penguin brought in a white Puffle…This means that we soon can start to adopt white Puffles too :) But first they have to get used to us Penguins…

New Comics in Club Penguin :)

We have got a NEW Comic today…and Happy77 interview a coworker about The Puffle Roundup…click to enlarge

I LOVE this Game and Thanks to Dad and my Brother I am Pretty Good at it too :)

click to enlarge

If you meet me in Club Penguin I am Happy to Play Find Four with you :)

New Friends

Today I and Chillie meet Two New Friends Zarsuena and Plompy 1 :)Sorry I couldn't add you to My Buddy List…it is Full! But we are FRIENDS ANYWAY :)click to enlarge                            See you again in Club Penguin :)

Rockhopper Returns Tomorrow :)

Rockhopper and Yarr will be here TOMORROW :) I can Hardly wait to meet them again!

click to enlarge

         Hurry Yarr and Rockhopper I have missed  you so Much!click to enlarge

Club Penguins Drawing Contest!

Gary the Gadget Guy have all this extra snow stored in the Attic…And Now he and Club Penguin invite US to a DRAWING CONTEST :)

click to enlargeYours or Mine Drawing can be made into a SNOW SCULPTURE :) I LOVE THIS! 15 Designs will be Picked and the winners will get 10,000 Coins! AND have their Statue unveiled somewhere in Club Penguin! WOW!!! Artists are looking for Drawings to be interesting, creative and request that they are without words. The best thing is that they can be about ANYTHING :) Penguins, Puffles, Friendship, sports…click to enlarge

            …Were is My Crayons? Sorry i must stop Blogging…

White Puffle spotted at The Dojo Courtyard

During the Puffle Party Me and all of my Puffles meet the shy White Puffle :) Now we hope to see Snowflake again…

click to enlarge

I will go and play Puffle Roundup now it is a good chance to spot her There… click to enlarge

                                          Waddle on!

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