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Monday, March 30, 2009

Franky – Club Penguin Band

Aunt Arctic and I looked around us…You try that side of the room Aunt Arctic said and I try this side…okay I said and waddled away…Right at Backstage Stage in the middle of a Big crowd I saw Franky …Hi there Franky have you time for some questions for The Club Penguin Times? click to enlarge

Yes Franky said Lets hear them! Thanks Franky what instruments are you playing? I  play the acoustic guitar Franky hold up the guitar in his hand  and the ukulele and the banjo…That is Awesome I said…I know you were the last Penguin to join The Band…How did you feel about joining The Big Famous Penguin Band? Franky smiled and answered…I was so Happy and Surprised when G Billy asked me to join…our first show was at a Western Party in The Night Club I was quite nervous…I had serious stage fright you know…By the way have you read The story about that? Yes I have I answered…I Love that story you wrote and what G Billy told you right before you entered the Stage for the first time…You can find The Book “Frany’s First Show” in the Book Room over in Book Room over The Coffee shop…

click to enlarge

What did you do before you became a Famous Band Member? I used to work in the Pet Shop Franky said I Love Puffles and they Loves me…Franky smiled…Great! Franky suddenly said…Now Our Fish Pizzas are here we Always eat that before we have a show… I must go Bye…Thanks for The Interview I shout after him…One more thing…can you wave to me from the Stage during the Show? I will be in the crowd…It was to late Franky was surrounded by screaming Fans all wanted his Autograph and he couldn't hear me anymore…

Here I am Trying to be Franky’s Look alike :) Yellow color acoustic guitar and Black Hat…Franky has a Brown Hat…do I look like him?…LOL :)

I meet Aunt Arctic at The Plaza outside The Stage…Thanks for your Help Saraapril Aunt Arctic said Now I will go and writhe an Article for The Club Penguin Times and then it will go to Snow ball Press…I am Always Happy to Help you Aunt Arctic I said…this was so Much FUN AND I meet The Penguin Band again :)

click to enlarge

Looking Forward to your Concert Club Penguin Band You Guys ROCK!

G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob


Spider880 said...

Hey Saraapril! At the Halloween Party 08 (I was a member then) I found Gary in the Secret Lab and interviewed him. Here it is:
I walked up to Gary and said, "Hi Gary! Can I interview you?" "Sure Spider880!" Gary remarked. "Ok! First question: what caused you to become an inventor?". "Well one day I just had strange brain waves and felt the urge to invent". "Ok. Next question: when will we be able to find Herbert again?". He gave me an uneasy look and whispered to me, "We shouldn't be talking about Herbert in public,". "Ok then onto question three: What is your favorite kind of pizza?". "Oh I'm not entirely sure. I really do like pizza. Maybe a cheese shrimp pizza, or a seaweed and squid pizza, or...". He went on for about ten minutes naming off every kind of pizza. When he was done he told me, "I'm so sorry about that Spider880. Oh my! Look at the time! I'm sorry Spider880, but I must be going!". "Ok Gary! Bye! Oh Gary! I forgot something!". "He waddled back over and asked but was wrong. I said, "I forgot to get your autographed background!". He pulled out his handy dandy pen and signed a background. He handed it to me and I put it on right away. "Thanks Gary!" I called out as he waddled up the stairs. Here is the link to a picture of me with Gary's autographed background.

JOJO:) said...

Arghhh! U got to meet ALL the Club Penguin Band members?!?!?!? Wow!!!! I never met anyone famous before!!! Coooool! :D


Saraapril said...

Hi Spider880 Thanks for telling me you Story It was a Great Pic of you and Gary :)

Saraapril said...

Hi JOJO Yes The Penguin Band is AWESOME! I Hope you too meet them some day if you do day Hi from me :)

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