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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Capture The Captain Contest – Monstercjr met Rockhopper :)

CONGRATULATIONS! to Monstercjr for meting Rockhopper :) Rockhopper can be hard to find sometimes so Good Work!

…and you got the Background too :) AWESOME! Cool outfit in Pink and Purple my Favorite colors :)

click to enlarge

…Rockhopper and Yarr will leave us Today so if you haven't met them yet you have to Hurry…If you find Them you too can Enter this CONTEST! - I met Rockhopper - Capture the Captain Contest :)

FUN TOGETHER with Friends :)

Today Yarr visit me and my Puffles we had so much FUN :) Yarr LOVES a Good view from this Treetop we can see the Migrator…

      …I met Coool17, Penguin87415689 and Pengwey32431 in HQ…

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…Pengwey32431, Nfscau, Chrystal1110, Doctor23280 and I had Fun Talking and Dancing in EPF HQ…

 click to enlarge

                     …Eating Pizza on EPF Secret Pizza Table…

click to enlarge

…Pengwey32431 and I went to my Igloo to visit my Puffles…Blueberry liked Pengwey32431 so Much…

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…This is Pengwey32431’s Igloo he is ready for the Igloo Contest :)

 click to enlarge

             …Oops! LOL…Card-Jitsu can hurts your back…LOL…

click to enlarge 

                            …Back in HQ I met Pengwing4 :)

click to enlarge

                         …we sat and talked then we decide to…

click to enlarge                                    …Feed the Puffles…

click to enlarge                       …MINE DRAGONS! ROOOAAARRRR!!!!!

click to enlarge

                         …in The Mine we met Jdog9115 :)

 click to enlarge …Oops! I never saw that Rock coming...LOL…Pengwing4 and Jdog9115 are both AWESOME Sled Racers :)

click to enlarge                 …to my Favorite FLOWER Beach DANCE PARTY :)

click to enlarge             …Happy Running on the Crow’s nest..Hi Hunter100 :)

click to enlarge …We had so Much FUN at The Stage :) Boris1423 play the Ghost and I am Helga the Great Opera singer Pengwing4 is the Director and Hector…

click to enlarge                              …LOL…it is not a Ghost at all :)

click to enlarge

             I think this is a Cool Play…Press et for FUN Sound :)

click to enlarge     …Back at my Favorite place I met my old Good Friend Yay212 :)

click to enlarge…once again I am back in HQ…very soon Agents started to come…Srsendenis and the cute Puffle, Hat Pop. Spider880, Sissy618, Soda Brain and I started a Mission…

click to enlarge …on the Monitors we see the Plants and FLOWERS growing and take over the Island more and MORE ;)

click to enlarge                  …I got an Idea…I need to go and talk to Gary…

click to enlarge

           …Pengy 112 has an AWESOME MUSIC PARTY Igloo :)

click to enlarge

…Peng112, Mandubob32, I Makulit 1, 1wiifan 1 and me Played TOGETHER! and We ROCKED! I LOVE the Snowman Band :) Thanks Snowman Band for the Backup Music you ROCK too..LOL…click to enlarge

…Thanks to ALL Friends I met Today …Now I will go and Decorate my Igloo for the Dojo Igloo Contest…see you all later :)

Rockhopper’s Private Photos

It is so Much FUN to have the Migrator here at The Beach :) Don't Forget to look at Rockhopper’s and Yarr’s Private Pictures :) You find them in Captain's Quarter on a Shelf…mouse over the Frame and enjoy their Memories :)

  …TOGETHER Yarr and Rockhopper have so Much FUN Memories :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toys Coming to Australia and New Zealand!

CONGRATULATIONS Australia and New Zealand! This Message is from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
We've got some cool news for penguins down under who have been asking for Club Penguin toys! For all of you who've been waiting so patiently, Limited Edition Penguins, Mix N' Match Figures, and Pet Puffles will finally be available in Australia and New Zealand starting mid-June! Australia will also see the first set of the Card-Jitsu Trading Cards soon!click to enlarge  In Australia, you can check out the toys at Toys"R"Us, and then later on at Kmart. In New Zealand, you'll find them at Farmers.
On June 9th, if you're in or around the Moore Park Toys"R"Us in Sydney, we want you to help your Club Penguin community celebrate their arrival by attending a special event:
Where:                    Toys"R"Us, Retail Supa Centre, Moore Park, NSW, 2033
What day:                Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
What time:               3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Let us know what you think! For those of us who can't be in Sydney to celebrate, we can still cheer for our "down under" community. Why not have your own party - meet your friends at the Iceberg and celebrate - just for fun!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                             This is AWESOME :) THANKS!

Adventure – Rockhopper’s Plants – My Stories and Adventures :)

Today Me and My Brother Littletias got a phone call from our Aunt Arctic she wondered if we could help her…she had a deadline for the Club Penguin Times but needed some information from Rockhopper…I am so sorry that I can’t meet him myself…Please help…Sure we are Happy to Help we both answered and waddled over to the Beach…click to enlarge

…The Beach was AMAZING The Flowers grow so fast that we could see it!   …FANTASTIC! I took up my Camera and started to take pictures…

…AHOY Matey! we heard Rockhopper and hurried back to the Migrator..Arrr and Hi I said Aunt Arctic have sent us to ask you about all these fast growing plants…Littletias had found Bambadee and his Purple Puffle Poff and was already interviewing Bambadee…

I started to question Rockhopper…Avast! Aye…They growin’ fast we do everythin’ we can to stop them overgrow the Island completely!Why are the Plants growing so fast? Littletias asked Bambadee…Ahumm…Bambadee answered…


…Aye Matey this greenery growin’ like super weeds and that is Thanks to your sister Saraapril’s experiments and Bambadee’s and Yarr’s accident Rockhopper filled in…WHAT? I said what have I to do with this?

                   …Rockhopper and Bambadee Laughed loudly…

…Arrr…Do you remember the Experiments ye did at Halloween in Gary’s Secret Room ‘hat made the Pumpkins grow? Rockhopper asked…Oh do you mean my Pumpkin Experiment?

…Right so Matey Rockhopper continued I was at the Walt Disney World Epcot “Living with the land” center in Orlando Florida ‘hat was the reason I went there in the First place…Gary asked me to take your test tubes to the Scientists there..right now they trying to find ways to grow Food more effective so that one day nobody needs to go hungry ever more…That is AWESOME! Littletias said…

…Yes it is Cool :) but why are everything growing so fast here? I asked…

…It Started like this Bambadee answered…To Thank for our Help the Scientist at Epcot gave us Flowerpots, Seeds and small Plants…Rockhopper was occupied with sailing and it was my job to take care of the plants……Out at the sea Some of the plants started to fade but Yarr found some test tubes that we had missed to give to the Scientists… We emptied them in the water and feed it to the plants..what can I say It WORKED!

…Rockhopper’s Laughed so hard that his belly jumped up and down! HAHAHA Shiver me Timbers! Yes it did! The Migrator was soon Overgrown…

…What will Happen now? I asked…The Flowerpots needs to come off the ship and be taken care of I am Thankful for all penguin that have lend a flipper and helped out so far…Errr…I still have some pots that needs to be taken care of so ask all Penguins you see if they can come and help…we need all hands on deck and to work Together and then lets do something FUN with all this greenery…Arrr..Lets have an ADVENTURE PARTY! ARRR…

…AWESOME! Anything More Littletias asked…Gary have got samples of all the different plants and I know he doing some experiments as we speak…Bambadee said you should go and talk to him…we will do that I answered…We thanked Rockhopper and Bambadee and waved Goodbye to them…Saying Arrr...Arrr……before we left the Beach I had to take some more Pictures…Aunt Arctic will LOVE this…

…on our way to Uncle Gary we met Jet Pack Guy…Hi What’s up? we asked him…Hello Agents he answered…With all these Plants overflowing our Island G have Assigned me and other Agents to keep track from the Sky… we will se much more Green before this is over…see you later…

…I can go and talk to Aunt Arctic and you can go and see Uncle Gary Littletias suggested……okay see you later I said waved and waddled away…I hope Uncle Gary let me help with his Experiments…

                      Adventure: Rockhopper’s Plants Part 2

Friday, May 29, 2009

Having FUN with FRIENDS :)

         At the Iceberg I met 1blueguy10 he is a Great Dancer :)

click to enlarge

…the Cove was crowded and my old Friend 1w34e was on the way to Surf…

click to enlarge 

      …Herapi, Buple Blue2 and I looking at the Growing Sea plant…

click to enlarge

…Then we had a FLOWER Beach Party! WOHOOO! It was FUN to met Sapphire2346, Pollypollyno and other Penguins :)

click to enlarge

Life guard Training…Love11360, Sparkle 1517, Wolves07, Floppy89967, Lyyllaa and me learned a lot…

click to enlarge

            …Oops! LOL3 is in Trouble! Chilly Hay directed us…

click to enlarge

…The Rescue was successful  LOL3 is Saved! Great Team Work Everyone :)

click to enlarge

…Lets tip the Iceberg…If everyone turns Yellow and Dance will it TIP?

click to enlarge

                …LOL…NO…Lets try again what about Green?

click to enlarge

      …or MULTICOLOR! LOL…We had so Much FUN TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge

…THANKS! to ALL Penguins I played with Today you are GREAT :) See you all Tomorrow…Waddle ON!

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