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Sunday, May 31, 2009

FUN TOGETHER with Friends :)

Today Yarr visit me and my Puffles we had so much FUN :) Yarr LOVES a Good view from this Treetop we can see the Migrator…

      …I met Coool17, Penguin87415689 and Pengwey32431 in HQ…

click to enlarge

…Pengwey32431, Nfscau, Chrystal1110, Doctor23280 and I had Fun Talking and Dancing in EPF HQ…

 click to enlarge

                     …Eating Pizza on EPF Secret Pizza Table…

click to enlarge

…Pengwey32431 and I went to my Igloo to visit my Puffles…Blueberry liked Pengwey32431 so Much…

click to enlarge

…This is Pengwey32431’s Igloo he is ready for the Igloo Contest :)

 click to enlarge

             …Oops! LOL…Card-Jitsu can hurts your back…LOL…

click to enlarge 

                            …Back in HQ I met Pengwing4 :)

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                         …we sat and talked then we decide to…

click to enlarge                                    …Feed the Puffles…

click to enlarge                       …MINE DRAGONS! ROOOAAARRRR!!!!!

click to enlarge

                         …in The Mine we met Jdog9115 :)

 click to enlarge …Oops! I never saw that Rock coming...LOL…Pengwing4 and Jdog9115 are both AWESOME Sled Racers :)

click to enlarge                 …to my Favorite FLOWER Beach DANCE PARTY :)

click to enlarge             …Happy Running on the Crow’s nest..Hi Hunter100 :)

click to enlarge …We had so Much FUN at The Stage :) Boris1423 play the Ghost and I am Helga the Great Opera singer Pengwing4 is the Director and Hector…

click to enlarge                              …LOL…it is not a Ghost at all :)

click to enlarge

             I think this is a Cool Play…Press et for FUN Sound :)

click to enlarge     …Back at my Favorite place I met my old Good Friend Yay212 :)

click to enlarge…once again I am back in HQ…very soon Agents started to come…Srsendenis and the cute Puffle, Hat Pop. Spider880, Sissy618, Soda Brain and I started a Mission…

click to enlarge …on the Monitors we see the Plants and FLOWERS growing and take over the Island more and MORE ;)

click to enlarge                  …I got an Idea…I need to go and talk to Gary…

click to enlarge

           …Pengy 112 has an AWESOME MUSIC PARTY Igloo :)

click to enlarge

…Peng112, Mandubob32, I Makulit 1, 1wiifan 1 and me Played TOGETHER! and We ROCKED! I LOVE the Snowman Band :) Thanks Snowman Band for the Backup Music you ROCK too..LOL…click to enlarge

…Thanks to ALL Friends I met Today …Now I will go and Decorate my Igloo for the Dojo Igloo Contest…see you all later :)


Spider880 said...

Hi Saraapril! I was wondering if you would like to become an author on my blog! If you would, just leave a comment on my blog saying yes. If you don't, that's fine.

Saraapril said...

Hi Spider880 I am Sorry but I have only Time for ONE Blog

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