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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 27, Read Books and find Secret item - 101 Days of FUN :)

Tuesday June 30, Waddle along to the Coffee Shop and go upstairs to the Book Room! Read all of the Books and then wear the Secret item That’s hidden in one of Them…

click to enlarge… Reading is one of my Favorite things to do so this will be GREAT FUN :)click to enlarge Snowball Press have give out many books Rockhopper and the Stowaway, Franky’s First Show, The Spice of Life, Truth or Dare, Then we have the Penguin Tales with short Stories from Club Penguin Book Room Writing Contest: Pizza Parlor Panic by Orantango, Comoica’s Jetpack Adventure by Comoica, The Legend of the Gold Puffle by Icmer, The Day my Puffle went at an Adventure by Chochypop, All in a Day’s work by Sammysays, My Puffle’s Party by Lollipops10…Then we have Three Great Yearbooks I LOVE to read them and remember all FUN :) and if you mouse over the pages you will find secret hidden Rare Pins to look at :) Then we have Tree Paint by Letters Books :) My Puffles, Burnt out Bulbs, Lime Green Dojo Clean (and one more Cheat), I LOVE The AWESOME Journal of Captain Rockhopper there we can read about  Rockhopper’s and Yarr’s Adventures at sea :)

 click to enlarge 

                      …I found the Secret Hidden Book item :)

…you find The Friendship Bracelet in a blue book about Friendship :) It is FANTASTIC to have Friends :) I remember a FUN Nice Penguin Party :) Now I will read more and then play Lime Green Dojo Clean again and earn some Coins :)

                     The day my puffles went on an Adventure

If you want to Read more click on My Stories and Adventures :)

                        Some of Club Penguin’s Books – Toys

One thing? What happened to our New Christmas books? Was they only Seasonal? Please Club Penguin can you bring them back?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Spanish Club Penguin :)

Here is AWESOME News from Billybob:

¡Hola Penguins!
We're really excited to let you know that after a lot of people asking, and some hard work to make it happen, we've got another language joining our community! Over the past year we've given the Portuguese and French languages big Club Penguin greetings, and now we'd really love for you to help us welcome Spanish.

We're still in the beginning stages, so there still might be some bugs to fix, but we knew you'd want to be the very first to help say hello (hola)!
If you log in and choose the Spanish language at the top right of your screen, you can help let our brand new community know how excited we are that they're here.
Hello! -¡Hola!
Welcome! -  ¡Bienvenidos!
Congratulations! - ¡Felicitaciones!
Waddle on! - ¡A pingüinear!
You're cool! -¡Eres genial!
Let us know what you think!
¡Sigan pingüineando! (until then...Waddle on!)
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

WELCOME TO CLUB PENGUIN SPANISH FRIENDS :) LET’S SPEAK IN SPANISH! This is FUN My Penguin Saraapril have no name just a number (the same as in French and Portuguese servers) I am Penguin35701942 :)

click to enlarge

How can I play Club Penguin in Spanish? That is easy open Club Penguins Home Page and Select Language español…

                       …and Club Penguin Turn to Spanish :)

  click to enlarge

…We have Four Spanish Servers: Antártida, Bajo Cero, Bola de nieve and Avalancha :)

click to enlarge

One little Detail…the Play Now! Button has been changed to the same Text Font that Portuguese French and Espanola have :)

Wow! an UPDATE ALREADY! We have one MORE Spanish Server Pingüinera COOL :)

click to enlarge

DS Club Penguin Force d'Elite

The Elite Penguin Force is available in FRENCH!

Hello Penguins!

It is finally ready! The DS Club Penguin elite force game is available in French and we hope that you also is eager to play! Having the DS game French is something that many of you wanted for a long time, thanks to all to have been patient.

The Elite Penguin Force DS game also a code that allows you to unlock objects online in Club Penguin, and using a WiFi connection you can even transfer the parts you win on the DS in your account online.

The game will be available to purchase in many places.

The Message in French :)

Salut les pingouins !
C'est enfin prêt !! Le jeu DS Club Penguin Force d'Elite est disponible en français et on espère que vous avez aussi hâte que nous d'y jouer ! Avoir le jeu DS en français est quelque chose que beaucoup d'entre vous réclamez depuis longtemps, alors merci à tous d'avoir été aussi patients.
Le jeu DS Force d'Elite aura aussi un code qui vous permettra de débloquer des objets en ligne dans Club Penguin, et en utilisant une connexion WiFi, vous pourrez même transférez les pièces que vous gagnez sur la DS dans votre compte en ligne.

               Club Penguin Force d'Elite Tips and Tricks in French :)

Barbeque Igloo Party :)

Yesterday we had a BBQ Party in my Igloo Wickeddude was my first guest…

click to enlarge

…then came Waddlesthe4 and her cute singing Puffle and Jobber :) TOGETHER we danced and sang...

 click to enlarge

                      …The Barbequed Fishes are ready to eat :)

click to enlarge

…The fish needed little more time…we started the bonfire and sat down…I LOVE to spend time with my Friends we always have so much to say and talk about :)

click to enlarge                                  …We all Summertime :)

click to enlarge                     …Finally the Fish is ready to eat…Yummy :)

click to enlarge                                        …DANCE PARTY…

click to enlarge…We moved the Party to The Forest there Waddlesthe4 making us Yummy Fish Pizza :)

                                    …Yummm…Thanks :)

    …I have a Fish Costume on :) Wickeddude is still HUNGRY! 

click to enlarge

                                  …HELP! Don't eat ME!

click to enlarge

                  …I better run FAST! HELP!!! I AM A PENGUIN!

click to enlarge

…LOL…My Friends just teasing me :) They promise not to eat me :)

         …Lets play some Music…We sounds Great TOGETHER :)

                     …were all in this TOGETHER…This is FUN :)

click to enlarge

                       …Welcome to our Sing and Dance PARTY!

 click to enlarge

                                     …LET’S DANCE :)

click to enlarge

      …MORE FRIENDS! That is so FUN :) Hello and WELCOME!

click to enlarge

…I am so Sorry that my Buddy List is full…Lets be Friends Anyway :)

click to enlarge

…Our Band needed a Name and we called ourselves…drum roll…The FOREST BAND!

click to enlarge

…Time to hit the slopes :) Janice76300, Sandyda, me and Pioji 1 in a Sled Race Game down the Ski Hill…

click to enlarge

   …Wickeddude passing between me and Icy6215 on his Toboggan…

click to enlarge                                  …Oops…LOL…Up again :)

click to enlarge                         ...Good Game…Great work Friends :)

click to enlarge

  …Dance party and more Sled Race :) What an wonderful Fun Day :)

 click to enlarge

…THANKS to all Friends! TOGETHER we make Club Penguin FUN and Friendly :)

click to enlarge

…This was so MUCH FUN! THANKS to everyone that came to the Barbeque Party and if you missed it don't be sad we will soon have another one :) Waddle on!

Day 26, Dance – Off Challenge at Night Club - 101 Days of FUN!

Monday June 29, Time to hit The Dance Floor and Show off your Moves! Challenge a Buddy to a Dance – Off in the Night Club

click to enlarge              …first a Grooving outfit! LOL…I look DISCO CRAZY!

click to enlarge                        …I Challenge my Friend Harris T 1…

click to enlarge

         …This going Good so many Penguins cheering for me :)

click to enlarge

…The Challenge is over and Cadence announcing Harris T 1 to be the Winner! click to enlarge

              …Congrats Friend Great work at the Dance Floor :)

click to enlarge  …Let’s Dance MORE! Me, Harris T 1 and Bunny having FUN on the Dance Floor :)

…Time for Break dance :) I LOVE the Boom box we got during Cadence’s Member Party :)

The Dance Game in the Night Club is FUN :) Now I will find some More Friends and Challenge them in DJ Cadence’s Dance Contest Game too :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adventure: Rockhopper’s Plants Part 2

Part 1 Rockhopper’s Plants

…I waddled away to meet Gary the Gadget Guy and I found him in HQ…Hi Uncle I said I just talked to Rockhopper and Bambadee about all the plants that spreading so fast on the Beach…WOW! This map looks interesting can I help you with anything?

…Hi Saraapril I am glad you are here! Since Rockhopper’s plants were moved from the Migrator, vegetation has begun to appear…The Plants growing wild! And your knowledge will be a great help to my research Team indeed…I have got reports from Agents that Penguins…

…have great Fun at The Beach playing hide and seek in the fast growing bushes taking photos and looking at the Flowers and growing plants…And teams of Explorers are having Fun finding out what is happening in the undergrowth…this is an Amazing Unique time on the island that never happened before and it is so interesting…

Penguin photo home pageFlowers home page growing fast…some Penguins claims that they have seen Ninjas around in the Plants…NINJAS! I interrupted Uncle Gary…what have they to do with the plants? Gary Laughed and answered with a smile…you can never know with Ninjas or know what they are up to…but If you see them please report back to me…I will do that I promised……Don't worry Saraapril Gary said I have Agents both at Land, Sea an up in the Sky to keep track of all this Flowers and Plants that are growing and Ninjas have Never caused troubles on the Island…  

Flowers home agents

              …That is comforting I said…What can I do to help?

…I am glad that you asked your Mission will be to find out how how to stop the plants growing this fast before they takes over the Island completely! You will find  everything you need in the Gadget Room…Thanks I said I will do my best…I know you will Saraapril Gary answered see you later…

...I borrowed a lab coat from Uncle Gary…picked up some of my test tubes and waddled to the Beach…there I started my Experiments…I think this will work! No…I will try again…

Flower experiment not work

   …I GOT IT! The plant stop growing! I will go and show Uncle Gary…

Flowers experiment works no

…But first I have to go home and feed my Puffles…Do I imaging or is The Forest growing thicker? I must investigate this more…

…The Plants DEFINITELY ARE GROWING…I have to go back to HQ Right NOW!

                             …My phone started to ring…

Spy phone

                     …Meet me and Gary at the Beach NOW!

Jet pack guy talks in phone

…I hurried back to the Beach there I met Gary and Jet Pack Guy…The Flowers and Plants have REALLY GROWN! Oops I said I am SO SORRY my Experiments made everything WORSE!

click to enlarge …Sorry? Uncle Gary looked confused…This is AMAZING! SO INTERESTING!The natural change in temperature has inspired a high performance of activities (that means there are lots of things going on) commented The Jet Pack Guy…It is most interesting that a number of locations are being taken over by tropical vegetation…Gary said enthusiastically and reports show that an increased number of penguins are enjoying different hobbies such as camping and boating…What will we do now? I asked…

   …Time to EXPLORE! GARY Happily answered…All Penguins will enjoy this and so much can be Learned from this! I must start to gather samples from ALL new plants on the Island…I will help I said…GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Gary answered LET’S START! ALL AGENTS EXPLORE! Gary dived in and disappeared in the Tropical Forest followed by a big bunch of Agent Penguins…

click to enlarge

  ...This will be FUN…I waddled down to the Mine to do research…

click to enlarge

                                      …and collect plants…

click to enlarge

…to my experiments Agent Ivanrf found something interesting…It was the Legend of the lost Big Stone Puffle…

click to enlarge

        …I know that archeologist have found artifacts down here…

click to enlarge …What if I could find the Big Stone Puffle? I start to read an interesting book about artifacts and I got an idea… 

click to enlarge

…can the Big Stone Puffle be hidden underground? I will start dig over here…Mili 1010 tells me that she has seen something during her latest Expedition…

…I followed her directions and finds The BIG STONE PUFFLE! So Beautiful :) I wonder if Sensei is behind this?

click to enlarge

                                …Now back to the plants…

click to enlarge…first some more experiments…It doesn't work…we need something more…Time to gather samples from Flowers and plants…I waddled away…

…Blue and Yellow flowers so cute and so fast growing…I will take some of these…click to enlarge


…oh! this is breathtaking such a pretty Flower just like a rainbow…carefully I take a small sample from this plant…

…and Look at this! Our actions Directly effects the Environment our choices gets effects on the plants and Flowers…Thanks Agent Conso 10 for helping me prove this…

…I must have a sample from this Flower filled Amazing Rain Forest  Tree…

…this is SCARY! Can this help? I try again…some of this and…IT WORKED :)

                                 …My phone rings again…

…Hi Agent Saraapril have you found anything of interest to report? YES I have! I answered and told Gary about everything I had Done, Found, Seen, Gather and the latest about my Experiments…Well done Agent Saraapril all your work is deeply Appreciated and of Great interest for the Director and me…with all this material we will soon find a way to take care of all this plants…This will help us to learn and understand our surroundings better…I looking forward to see the BIG Stone Puffle too…History helps us to understand the Future…
I am always Happy to Help I said…What can I do now? Right now I want you to enjoy the Island and to have Fun it is so much to Look at and to Explore and Learn Gary answered…One More thing I said…Have anyone seen Herbert and Klutzy? Herbert must LOVE this :)
I have got reports from Agents that Herbert and Klutzy are very Happy enjoy this Tropical Paradise and so should you Gary answered I will contact you later…

                  …and that I will do! Look at this cute Turtle :)

                  …What is is out there? A Whale! FANTASTIC!

…A NINJA! I must report this to Gary :) and feed my Puffles…Then I will Explore some More :)

                                           Go Green

Now The Tropical Rain Forest are gone from our Island…What happened to the Tropical Rain Forest and all the FLOWERS? You can find them all in The Box Dimension Room If you want to find this Secret Room in Club Penguin read this: Tour Guide of Box Dimension Room and Secrets

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