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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fairy Fables the Story Book and Switchboard 3000!

                                          FAIRY FABLES

click to enlargeThere once lived a fairy storyteller called Twee – hey y’all, that’s me! I live in a magical library where almost anything can happen and I like to tell fairy tales with a difference.

I like to mix things up a little; you might say that it’s a tale of twos. And you’d be right. Because things that come in twos are pretty cool. So buckle up and get ready for the ride!

This is the tale of a price all dressed in red, who goes riding through the forest to take some croissants to a princess with really, reeeeeally long hair. Her name is Princess Grumpunzel. I like to call this story ‘Princess Twee in the Enchanted Forest’.

click to enlarge    Let’s open the book and see what happens shall we?

Ha, a leafy plant! Weren’t expecting that, were you?

Once upon a time there was a prince, all dressed in red. His name was Prince Redhood. He didn’t really like wearing red much, but that was just too bad! Who’s in charge of the story here? That’s right, me!

 click to enlarge    “Oh what a lovely day,” smiled Redhood. He was taking some tasty croissants through the forest to the hungry Princess Grumpunzel. It was a beautiful day and just the right time for a walk. The sun was shining and butterflies were flitter-fluttering around in twos through the forest.

“Golly, I hope she likes croissants,” said the price to himself.

All of a sudden, quite out of nowhere, a great huge scary looking sheep jumped out from behind a tree and said, “BAA! I’m the Big Bad Wool and I’m REALLY hungry!”

click to enlarge

“What great big teeth you’ve got!” gasped the price in fright. He turned out not to be a terribly brave prince (they aren’t always brave you know). “All the better to eat croissant with!” baa-ed the Big Bad Wool.

Realizing the Big Bad Wool didn’t want to make a meal of him, the price felt a little braver. “Not a chance, Woolly,” he laughed, “There’re for the princess.” And he turned and started to walk off towards the tower.

“Well then! shouted the sheep behind him, “I’ll HUFF and I’ll PUFF…” and he took a great big breath, and then as he let it out, he blew all of the trees down around him. Thump, thump, thump they went, all in a line like dominoes.

click to enlarge

“Uh oh!” said Prince Redhood, realizing he was in trouble. “What am I going to do?”

It was obvious that Prince Redhood wasn’t very good at dealing with fairy tale baddies.

Lucky for him, Fairy Twee came to the rescue. “You need to distract the sheep of course!” I told him. “I’ll wave my magic want and help you out – just because I’m nice.”

“Look over there!” said Prince Redhood, and he pointed up to the sky just as an amazing unicorn flew past. “A flying unicorn? On a Thursday? BAA-ZAA! said the Big Bad Wool.

click to enlarge

Prince Redhood seized the opportunity to escape. He ran quickly though the forest, jumping over fallen down trees and finally he arrived at the Princess’s castle.

“Now I will climb up Grumpunzel’s long hair,” said the Prince, who used to doing that sort of thing. But the princess wasn’t at the window. In fact he couldn’t see her at all, and even when he yelled, “GRUMPUNZEL!” in his loudest voice, there was no sign of her.

click to enlarge

Luckily Fairy Twee was there again. “You’ll have to make do with a ladder,” I said sweetly, and handed him a set of steps. “Oh if I must,” said Prince Redhood, rather ungratefully.

When he finally reached the top of the tower, he found Princess Grumpunzel singing to herself in a high pitched voice, “La la la la.” And although Prince Redhood cheerily yelled, “Hellooooooooo!” in his best royal voice, she didn’t notice him at all.

click to enlarge

“She’s totally lost in la-la-land,” said Prince Redhood to his faithful and stylish fairy friend, and I sighed and said, “Throw a magic snowball at her!” Really Prince Redhood should have worked that out for himself (but sometimes princes need a little help figuring out what to do).

So Prince Redhood scooped some snow from the ground (there was a lot, you know, even for a sunny day) and threw a magic snowball at the princess, who immediately awoke from her daze.

“Oi!” yelled the princess, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Princess, I have brought you some croissants,” smiled Prince Redhood.

click to enlarge

“Croissants? You brought me croissants!” said the princess. “But I asked for COOKIES!”

“Well,” said Prince Redhood, “I guess they don’t call her Grumpunzel for nothing!”

Luckily Fairy Twee came straight to his rescue, “I think she should go back to la-la-land. ZAP!” I said, and I waved my magic wand.

click to enlarge

Just then there was a loud “BAAAAAA! from below the turret of the castle. “Excuse me!” baa-ed the Big Bad Wool, “I’m REALLY hungry here!”

“Well there are plenty of croissants to go around,” I smiled, taking the basket from the prince. And I found them a nice picnic spot in the forest.

“You’d better not ‘wool’ down all those croissant at once.” said Prince Redhood to the Big Bad Wool with a grid…

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

click to enlarge

                                            THE END!click to enlarge

I LIKE this Story :) Now it is Time to Dress up and Play this TOGETHER :) See you at The Stage! Don't forget to use the Switchboard 3000 for this FUN and Cute Effects :) Shakespeare is here…blooming books, flying Music…did it play Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale?…LOL…anything can happen in a Fairytale :)

                               …TIMBER! and cute fishes :)

                               …Sunshine and a Unicorn :)

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