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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet Sensei in Club Penguin July 3-5

If you are a Ninja you can meet Sensei in the Secret Ninja Hideout July 3 – 5 :) This will be so Much FUN I have so much to ask him :)
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The Sensei, though busy in the Dojo, continues to show keen interest in helping penguins to advance their belts. The Club Penguin Times received this message from the ninja master:
*Gather grasshoppers, Let us begin training hard, There is much to learn.
I’ll come for training I’ll come for Card-Jitsu games And just for fun, too”
We caught up with a brown-belted penguin at the Dojo. “I want to be a ninja and the chance to meet Sensei would be awesome!”
To date, very little is known about the mysterious Sensei who first appeared to other penguins in November 2008 after lightning struck the Dojo and penguins helped to dig the building out of the snow.
Become a ninja by getting your black belt and defeating Sensei. He’ll reward you with a Ninja Mask. July 3-5 he’ll be making some appearances at the Ninja Hideout.
I Remember last November during the Big Storm Ninjas starting to show themselves all over the Island Ninjas at Dojo, Gift Shop, Ski Lodge, Lighthouse, Ski Hill, Pet Shop Roof, Ninja in Town and HQ When the Storm was over we found that the lightning have made a hole in the Dojo Roof! I remember the feeling the First time I climb out on the roof and saw Sensei :) Shamrock 100 and I was out and investigate, the Ninjas continued to be around the Dojo we all worked TOGETHER to dig we found a Ninja Poster and work as a Tour Guide and then dig some more to dig out the Dojo our Puffles helped too and we dreamed about FLOWERS :) It was a hard but FUN work :) Finally we had a Grand Opening of The Dojo  Sensei invited us to Ninja Training and we learned that The Card – Jitsu Game was the answer to How can I be a Ninja? in Club Penguin we were so EXCITED!
                       Here I just have earned my First Belt :)
…and then I Saraapril become the FIRST NINJA in Club Penguin :)
It was an exciting Time in Club Penguins History that never will be forgotten!
I have already met Sensei once during the Medieval Party but I didn't got his Background so I looking forward to met him again :)
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Spider880 said...

I can't wait to meet Sensei! It will be so awesome! Maybe when Sensei is gone we can sit on his green pillow in the Dojo! I wonder if he will have his little wooden cane with him. I kind of think he should because it looks cool with him.

Anonymous said...

I havent seen Sensei but ppl who have already seen Sensei say to get of the center of the floor then that way you can meet him,but trust me its hard to convince everyone to do the same thing. I still look forward to meet Sensei(still 2 more days to meet Sensei!).

Saraapril said...

Hi Anonymous We don't have to be of the center of the floor to make Sensei come! But we can all see him better if we give Sensei space and not crowd him Specially when he is in invisible mode :)

ClubPenguinWonderPerson said...

I have not seen the Sensei at the ninja hideout yet but people keep saying to get to the that how to see the Sensei at the ninja hideout?

Saraapril said...

Hi ClubPenguinWounderPerson :) You don't have to be at the sides to make Sensei come read here what Sensei says "The floor does not need to be cleared"

Anonymous said...

I have met sensei i am glad that i met him!

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