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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

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The Agua Grabber was invented by my Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy or “G” for short The reason for that was the need to salvage was was left of Rockhopper’s Ship the Migrator after the shipwreck…After a while more caves was discovered and here is the FIRST Picture a diver manage to take of a strange Sea creature

                   Now The Agua Grabber Tour Guide starts… 

Hello tour-fans, and welcome to In Focus. Today, out tour guide is here to take us deep-sea diving. That’s right; it’s time to take a look at Aqua Grabber!

I am your tour guide on the Iceberg, just off the edge of Club Penguin. I am here to give you some tips on using the Aqua Grabber submarine.

“Listen team! The Aqua Grabber was originally developed to help rescue pieces of Rockhopper’s ship after its terrible accident at sea,”

“But so much has changed since then! If you haven’t used it in a while, now’s a good time for the refresher dive,” I said with a smile.

“Okay divers – the trickiest part of any dive is making sure you don’t run out of air.

So it’s wise to take a Pink Puffle along with you, as it will really help you out,”  As we strapped in, he reminded us to take it slowly. Here is a secret  my underwater friends, that sometimes it’s worth drifting in the current. Not only will you save air, you’re also less likely to make mistakes.

“Now then, explorers, I’m not one to give everything away…but sometimes not all treasure is worth taking.”

The spill of cream soda in the Soda Seas may have been cause by the Migrator’s crash. You can help out the local fish and plant life by cleaning up the leaking barrels. Who would want to swim in cream soda? After the Cream Soda pollution that effect the environment so negative I asked If Cream Soda can be safe for us to drink? After talking to “G” and Club Penguin Team we did tests on the Cream Soda…and then we had a BIG FUN CREAM SODA PARTY :)

Fish can make themselves a nuisance. Little yellow fish like Fluffy are tricky to avoid, but bigger ones are much harder work! Keep an eye out for ways to distract them.

Did you know that the name Aqua Grabber was chosen in a poll? It might have been called Deep Sea Salvage. Try saying that with you mouth full! LOL :)

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A few divers have reported sightings of a giant squid. Luckily, there have been no problems so far -  but be on your guard, just in case! I myself have met this interesting sea squid several times…and I got my meting with the Sea Squid on Video :)

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Have FUN Agua Grabber is one of my FAVORITE Games on Club Penguin Island :) And with training you can earn loads of Coins here :)

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