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Sunday, July 5, 2009


SENSEI is a GREAT FRIEND and FUN to hang around :) This time I found Sensei in Sub Zero :)

Pictures will be added later…and here they are :)

Sensei asked us: Do you all know what a haiku is? for those who do not it is an Ancient Poem Here is one of my favorite Haikus…
Like the black puffle
Sometimes we don't want to smile
But skateboard instead.

…Sensei Smiled :)

…and then sensei told us another Haiku…like the great Mullet we must be Quick and Agile and avoid fish hooks…Sensei Smiled again :) I asked Sensei if he could tell us a Friendship Haiku?

…Some newly arrivers to the Dojo asked What is a Haiku? And we all helped Sensei to answer…A Haiku is a Ancient Poem…a type of Poetry…other Penguins started to ask for a Friendship Haiku too :)

     …Sensei always listen to us Ninjas…A Friendship Haiku you ask?

click to enlarge

                  …Yes Sensei Please :) Hmm let me see now…

                       …Alright here it is Friendship is a Gift…

                            …You must Treasure it Always…

                         …Gift is Fun to get! Sensei Smiled :)

                         …That is so GREAT THANKS Sensei! 

    …Then Sensei said: I would like to hear your Haikus students :)

click to enlarge…We all starting to tell Haikus :) Sensei was so Happy and asked us to Please share your own Haikus with everyone :) We will we Promised :)

…TOGETHER we repeated everything we learned today…Always Remember that FRIENDSHIP IS A GIFT!

       …Sensei Thanked us again :) Thank you for sharing students!

…Sensei told us how PROUD he is of us ALL :) Listen closely Ninjas   you have done well you are wise like the owl and swift  you bring me much honor Thank you my students! Always believe in yourself grasshoppers then you will win :)

click to enlarge                     …Then Sensei made a Happy Running :)

…I have never seen Sensei this Happy before! It is so GREAT to know that he was PROUD of US! I LOVE when Sensei SMILE like this :)

click to enlarge

                                      …THANKS SENSEI :)

click to enlarge

                             …Look how HAPPY Sensei is :)

                                …Thank you my Students!

click to enlarge

…Then Sensei said: I must leaving now Remember to keep practicing cloud wave and hide...always believe in yourself grasshoppers…Farwell students…Sensei VANISH!!!!!

click to enlarge

…Farwell and Thanks Sensei :) We will Train hard and be Friends to everyone :) We will conduct ourselves and  act so you can continue to be Proud of your Ninjas!

                SENSEI PARTY in Club Penguin July 3 – 5, 2009 :)

You find The Next Part of the Ninja Adventure in NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)


Jhuyu26 said...

did you know they changed the ''multiple club penguin windows open'' sign? it;s not more detailed.

Joanna7777 said...

OMG!You're a Sensei Meet Master :-)

... said...

The the the EIGHTEENTH TIME!!! o_O

OMG you found him sooooo many times!!! I found him once lol

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