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Friday, July 24, 2009

I met The Penguin Band In Avalanche :)

The Penguin Band just left Avalanche! Pictures will be added later…Here they are :) I was Server hopping and almost Didn't believed my eyes when I found Stompin Bob standing by himself at The Dock Stage so Non Members could meet him :) Later Franky came too :)

                             …Stompin Bob started to play…

                             …First Nobody noticed Franky…

                           …he started to play for himself…

       …We was only a Few Penguins and we crowded Stompin Bob…

click to enlarge                                    …Poor lonely Franky…

click to enlarge…THEN Penguins saw him and HAPPELY run to him to say HI :) YES WE ARE READY TO ROCK!

          …Me and Stompin Bob played TOGETHER me on Guitar…

  click to enlarge

                 …Tuba it is :) Yes I play Both Tuba and Guitar :)

click to enlarge

…Stompin Bob thinks we sound pretty good TOGETHER and I agree :)

click to enlarge                                    …Lets go chill Backstage…

click to enlarge                …Stompin Bob takes the Lead and we follow…

click to enlarge …We can not be on The Penguin Band Buddy List they don't have one…If you have their Background you are their FRIEND :)

click to enlarge…I asked if we could sing and Stompin Bob was surprised…Yes…I can SING and Play TUBA at the SAME Time :)

                                      …I started to sing…

              …and then we sung TOGETHER it was AWESOME!

                          …Then I made up a New song :)

                                 …Stompin Bob LOVED it :)

                                 …this is a PERFECT Day :)

                            …blue sky and sweet clouds…

click to enlarge             …Stompin Bob singing with ME! This is FANTASTIC :)

                                    …Franky was FUNNY :)

…Then Franky sang a Birthday song and told a Story this is what he said: Wanna hear a new song? Happy birthday! This song goes out to you!! This song is about our show on the iceberg, Here we go, We were at the berg it was ready for rocking, There was no time for stopping! Petey K said it was time for something new! And G Billy knew what to do! He picked up his drum kit! and made an awesome sound! Penguins came to listen they gathered all around! The berg began to bounce and quake! The crowd danced at a super fast rate!But even tho we were hip! we couldn't get the berg to tip! OH YEAH!!

…THANKS for the GREAT song and Story Franky :) Franky was crowded and he tryed to answer all Questions this is what he said:I can sign your instruments, I don’t sign faces,I sign record contracts! Signs guitar, Signs trombone! Signs tuba, Signs electric guitar!

click to enlarge…The rest of the band is taking a break Being in a band is the best thing in the world!

What does the PB like to have on their sandwich? JAM!!!!!EVERYONE JAM!!!

click to enlarge                       …When I say WE Rock you say ROCK!!

click to enlarge …And then he asked US a Question…I got a question for you about the party, What’s the best stage?

click to enlarge …Stompin Bob’s favorite color is Probably red…and we Started a Band and called us The FLOWER Band…LOL :)

                     …Franky was in a Happy  Sunny Mode :)

                           …We should probably go…Lets go!

                                  …OH NO! Please STAY!

…Well…they are many other Penguins that want to meet them too…Later Gators! Good-Bye Franky and Stompin Bob…THANKS! for all the FUN and come soon again I already miss you my Friends :)

                              …Stompin Bob’s background :)

click to enlarge                                  …Franky’s background :)

click to enlarge

…see Stompin BOB and Franky from The  Penguin Band ANIMATED :)

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