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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kelowna Fire! is Club penguin in DANGER?

As Many of you know Club penguins Head Quarter is located in Kelowna Canada right now there is a BIG FIRE!

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This is from Vancouver Sun:

A new evacuation alert has been issued for the area near the Terrace Mountain fire outside Kelowna - the first for that particular blaze.

The area encompassed by the alert includes the Fintry High Farm Country area which sits around 30 kilometres north of Kelowna.

Residents on evacuation alert should be prepared to leave their homes at any moment, as an evacuation order may be called at short notice, and at any time.

As of 1:11 p.m., there were 5 helicopters, 5 heavy fire fighting equipment units and 68 firefighters working on the Terrace Mountain blaze, which is approximately 20 kilometres west of Fintry and is not threatening structures at this time.

The fire is taking up an area of 830 hectares, according to the BC Forest Service.

"Air tankers have been working on the fire supported by four helicopters and heavy machinery," according to a forestry report issued today. "One Incident Management Team is managing the Glenrosa, Terrace Mountain and the Rose Valley Dam fires and the BC Forest Service's resources are shared between all three fires."

The largest contingent of firefighting crews is stationed around the Glenrosa fire near Westbank. Officials say that fire is 40% contained, and has 8 air tankers, 9 helicopters and 133 firefighters in support.

Lets hope our Club Penguin Friends are SAFE!

On this Picture you can see Club penguin HQ and you can follow the Kelowna Fire Updates on this Map                      

click to enlarge   Stop the FIRE Save Club Penguin!

Kelowna Fire from Club Penguin Support :)

                        This Post will be Updated later…  


Joanna7777 said...

Many of you know about the Kelowna fire going right now!And you know that Club Penguin Team's main office is there!So let's keep Club Penguin Safe!And have our Save "Club Penguin from Fire party"!
Server:Snowy River
Time:8:30 AM CPTZ
Wear:Firefighter costume

Saraapril said...

I will be there :)

Joanna7777 said...

It will be awesome party!

Spider880 said...

Oh no! CLUB PENGUIN PLEASE DON'T BURN DOWN! Thankfully they have a couple smaller headquarters located in other places.

Spider880 said...

Ok, CP is located Harvey Avenue. Let's hope those brave firefighters can stop this terrible fire from burning down more homes and buildings.

Waddlesthe4 said...

be safe Club Penguin!

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