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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ninja Shadows GONE!

My Good Friend Gary3005 told me something interesting Today…ALL Ninja shadows are GONE!

click to enlarge…It was a Shadow in this Mirror at Ski Lodge during the Music Jam Party! This Picture is from Stop the Fire Save Club Penguin Party and you can see a Ninja Shadow in the Mirror!

click to enlarge

                    …Ninja Shadow at Lighthouse is Gone too…

click to enlarge

…The Lighthouse Ninja Shadow was here during the Music Jam Preparations…              

click to enlarge                    …and so is the Ninja Shadow in Gift Shop…

click to enlarge

       …Here I am waiting in the Gift Shop and the Shadow is There…

…At The Plaza the Ninja Footprints at the Pet Shop roof are GONE!

click to enlarge

                  …They were here during The Music Jam Party!

What will this mean? Sensei Talked about More to come can this be a Start?

NINJA in TOWN and all over Club Penguin

Ninja at Pet Shop Roof

Ninja in Gift Shop

Ninja at Ski Lodge

Ninja at Lighthouse 

Ninja at Ski Hill

Ninja at DOJO!

Ninja Message in HQ

More Ninja at Dojo

First Ninja in Club Penguin

How can I be a Ninja? Club Penguin

Sweet and Me on Secret Investigation…

How did the Sensei Story and Ninja Dojo Start? Interview and Collection of Links :)


Jessierox49 said...

omg that is soo weird! i was just in the ski lodge yesterday playing find four and it was still there! lol and i never knew there was a shadow in the gift shop! lol cool! thx 4 the update!

~Jes :)

Fro Bro98 said...

They might of took a break and went to sensei for more tranning. I wonder if they will ever come back? Keep on waddling!

- Fro Bro98

Extra Peng said...

Hm... I see the one in the lighthouse, the one in the lodge I see too but where is the gift shop one?

Jhuyu26 said...

By the way, when they first inrtoduced ninjas you could click on the N in Night Club and a ninja would appear but did you know every hour a ninja would bounce on the roof of the Pet Shop?

Saraapril said...

Hi Extra Peng look under the hats for Ninja Shadow :) Thanks for reminding me I have added The Pet Shop Ninja Shadow to the Links you are a Good Friend :)

Spider880 said...

That's really weird! Yeah Sensei told us more Ninja signs would come and he would teach us more. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

Bubblegum423 said...

Whoa.. That is creepy! I wonder where they went!

Jhuyu26 said...

Thanks Saraapril. I couldn't find the ninja shadow. And your welcome for the pet shop shadow.

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