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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sensei Card – Jitsu ANIMATIONS! ALL :)

When you Play Card – Jitsu you will see Many Fun Comical small Animations I have recorded them for you to see and Laugh at :)

Club Penguin Animated Pictures-Sensei and Saraapril in Card –Jitsu

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Surf

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei as a Dragon

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Drilling

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and The Octopus

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei driving The Aqua Grabber

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei using a Plummer

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei using Night Goggles

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei, Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and The Puffles

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and Ninja

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Sled Race

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Snow Glob Igloo

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei as a Firefighter

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei as a Tour Guide

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and AC3000

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei flying Jet Pack

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Tip the Iceberg

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Singing Opera

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and The Alien

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei playing Thin Ice

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Water FUN!

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and “G” Gary The Gadget Guy

Club Penguin Animation- Sensei using a Mat…

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and the Cactus

Fun Fact: This is the FIRST Picture Club Penguin showed us of the Card – Jitsu Cards then we got this Secret NINJA Message in Newspaper

We Ninjas have a Secret Room Flying Flippers Emporium:  Guide Tour of Ninja Secret Room

The First Ninja in Club Penguin was Saraapril

All Card-Jitsu Trading Cards – Toys! Fun Game :)

How can I be a NINJA? Club Penguin?

UPDATE: Club Penguin has New Animations and I will add them here :)

Power Card Card-Jitsu: Night Club Puffle - Animation

White Puffle in Card – Jitsu Animated :)

Yarr in Card-Jitsu Game Animated :)

Card – Jitsu  Animations, Sensei and The golden puffle

Card-Jitsu Animations, Sensei and The Penguin Band

Card-jitsu Animation, Sensei and Sensei

Card-Jitsu Animation, Sensei and Rockhopper

Card – Jitsu Animation, Sensei Glitch

Card-Jitsu Game Animation, Sensei and the Living Sled

Card – Jitsu Animation, Sensei and Third Years Anniversary Celebration of Club Penguin :) 

Card –Jitsu Animation: Sensei, Herbert and Klutzy

Power cards Card – Jitsu Animation: Sensei and The Flare Flinger 3000

Power Cards in Card-Jitsu: Sensei and the Thunderstorm

Power Cards Card – Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Bean Bags

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Pencil

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animations: Sensei and the Construction workers

Shazman8 and I tries to Animate :)

UPDATE: These Power Animations were Released to the Fire Ninja Journey :)

Card-Jitsu ANIMATED! Sensei and the Switchbox 3000 Dragon :)

Card-Jitsu ANIMATION! Sensei and Cloud Wave Ninja :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Box Dimension :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Gary and Sensei Invention :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei is a Viking :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Aprils Fool Pencil :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Hydro Hopper Flight :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Cart-Surfing :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei, Rockhopper and Snow Canon :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and The White Puffle :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei Plays Keytar :)


Card-Jitsu ANIMATION! Sensei and The Underwater Adventure Fish :)

Card-Jitsu Power Card Sensei Mirror and Ghost! ANIMATION :)

Card-Jitsu Power Card Sensei and Cadence :)

More Power Card Animations will be added here later :)

ALL Card-Jitsu Power Cards on YouTube with Sound :)

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