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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sled Race Game in Club Penguin

On top of the Ski Hill we can Play Sled Race just waddle up to a slope to start the Game :)

click to enlarge …If you are a Member you can buy a Toboggan :) You can choose between Four slopes The Bunny Hill is the easiest and are Great for beginners :) Then you can try the Express slope in Penguin Run you can play together with Three Penguin at the same time that is GREAT :) The Ridge Run is the most challenging course, It’s full of ramps and obstacles, but it’s great because you can be four Penguins playing TOGETHER at the same time :) Me and My Friends often have Parties on The Ski Hill and we tries to Talk and Sled Race at the same time :) It usually ends in a Crash…LOL

click to enlarge  

…How to Play Sled Race: Use your arrow key to move left or right along the course. Look ahead to dodge Boulders, and check out where your Fellow racers are :) You’ll be winning in no time :) Slide on the ice patch and you will get extra speed… or avoid them if you plays Slow Pole Sled Race…LOL :)

click to enlarge 

…Let’s play Slow Pole Sled Race! A FUN way to Play is to try to HIT as Many obstacles as Possible…The Slowest Slow Pole WINS :)

click to enlarge

…Here I am in a first to Finish line Sled race and I am in the LEAD! I will WIN! Oops…LOL…up again :)

…The two Blue Sled Race Fans will applause your Brave Sled Run :) Aunt Arctic has interviewed them and asked why they standing there? They answer that they Love the Game and will encourage everyone that plays! A BIG THANKS! to this True Fans!

I belong to Club penguins Rescue Squad…As a Rescue worker I often hanging  out a the Ski Hill…waiting :) in case someone needs my Help…

…once we had a Avalanche and all slopes had to be closed! Gary took command and  all PSA Agents helped out ( go to HQ and play Mission Four Avalanche Rescue )

2009-07-14 13.42.18 - Copy (2)

…Sled Race is a GREAT FUN Game and if I meet you I will be so Happy if you Challenge me to a Race or Slow Pole :)

UPDATE: November 26, 2009 New Racing Sleds at Ski Hill available: Pink Racing Sled and Green Racing Sled :)

UPDATE: March 8, 2011 New design for Sled Racing Game UPgrades :)

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Anonymous said...

i uslally go on sleet if u wanna see me saraapril. but i ONLY use united safe chat! sorry! im a member and i LOVEEEEE club penguin!

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