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Friday, August 21, 2009

Costume Trunk Catalog Underwater Adventure :)

This Catalog and This Awesome Play is brought to us from A Club Penguin Production THANKS! The Mermaid is FANTASTIC :) I Looking Forward to Play this Play and to be a Part of this world :)

click to enlargeHere is The Story:  Daring Daisy and Fearless Fiesel are on a mission into the depths of the ocean to search for treasure. But meeting the Mystic Fish leads them to a far greater discovery…

FEARLESS FIESEL: An experienced diver, who laughs in the face of danger...Scuba Tank 480 coins, Black Scuba Mask 200 coins, Green Wetsuit 600 coins, Yellow Flippers 200 coins

DARING DAISY: A brave and dedicated diver in training on her first voyage into the ocean…Blue Snorkel 250 coins, Blue Racing Bathing Suit 500 coins, Blue Flippers 225 coins

click to enlarge

BUBBLES THE MERMAID: A friendly and glamorous mermaid who lives in the underwater city…The Blue Lagoon 550 coins, Mermaid Costume 800 coins

FLIPPERS THE MERMAN: A friendly merman who enjoys telling jokes to new friends…The Surf 400 coins, Shell Collar 100 coins, Shell Cuffs 250 coins, Merpenguin Fin 500 coins

click to enlarge TOBY THE LOBSTER: An underwater parking attendant…Lobster Costume 600 coins

MYSTIC FISH: A fairly grumpy orange fortune-telling fish…Mystic Fish Costume 500 coins

click to enlarge

Director’s Hat 250 coins, Underwater Background 60 coins Backgrounds are available for both Members and Non Members :) Would you like to buy Underwater Adventure background? YES Please :)

click to enlarge

                             …I am Bubbles the Mermaid :)

click to enlarge

…I found No Secrets or Hidden items in This Catalog…Please Club Penguin Team I LOVE to look for Hidden items can we have some in the Next Costume Trunk Catalog? Please :) 

           Underwater Adventure now at The Stage :) Club Penguin

             Switchbox 3000 ANIMATED! Underwater Adventure :)          

                          Underwater Adventure Post Card :)

                            Underwater Adventure Script :)


Julie said...

Just happened across your blog...I am so curious what the background music is! Can you please let me know? Thanks!

Saraapril said...

Hi Julie :) The Music is from the Festival of Flight Party :)

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