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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Fair Festival September 4 – 13, 2009 in Club Penguin :)

                 EVERYTHING ABOUT FALL FESTIVAL 2009 :)

The FUN Fall Fair is Soon Back :) I have been at them all and they are ALWAYS Filled with FUN and Surprises :) Remember this Penguin from Last Years Newspaper? News from Newspaper

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This is from The Club Penguin Times: FAIR-LY EXCITED! September 4-13, 2009 The Fair is coming to Club Penguin! This yearly celebration sees special games and prizes set up all over the island. This will be the third fair the island has seen, and expectations are rising.

We interviewed penguins in Town who remembered last year’s celebration to find out what we can look forward to!

“We had fun playing games and winning tickets which we swapped for prizes,” one penguin explained.

“There were games where we fed puffles, bounced them with paddles and helped them pop balloons!

We played in ball pools and on carousels, and wore clown suits and feathered tiaras!”

“I ate so much popcorn I thought I was going to explode,” another recalled fondly.

Get ready to play games, earn tickets and much, much more. Join in the fun at The Fair, September 4-13!

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This is From Fall Fair Party 2008:

Fall Fair Party is soon Here!


Soon Soon…

More about the Fall Fair Party

Items from last Years Fall Fair!

Fall Fair Party Igloo!

Waiting for Fall Fair!


Fair Fall Games For Members!

Don’t lose your Tickets!

Fall Fair Games For NON MEMBERS

Fun Tricks!

Fall Fair Island

New Friend and Secret New Video Meeting!

Fall Fair Fun!

Tour of the Arcade Circle

How to jump on the Trampoline…

The Plaza is Decorated :)

More Prizes to Win!

Fall Fair Background

Grab and Spin don’t work!

More Fall Fair Fun!

New from Newspaper

Clown Party!

Crazy Helpful Flying FUN!

Cool Party Danyredman and Icykingbuddy :)



Jhuyu26 said...

OOOOOH I CAN'T WAIT! This event is so spectacular.. I hope my dad will let me wake up at 4:30 AM again....
But that was just cause it was my first fall fair, second ever...

Saraapril said...

Hi Extra Peng I Hope that too :) The Fall Fairs are ALWAYS AWESOME!

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