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Friday, August 21, 2009

Festival of Flight Finished! My Stories and Adventures :)

My Stories and Adventures: Herbert's Plan…THANKS Gary for this FANTASTIC FUN FLYING FESTIVAL :) And THANKS Club Penguin Team! This was FLYTASTIC! I met Uncle Gary at the Iceberg to give him a report and he told me that the windows in the Underground pool are fixed and that our Island now is back on the water…I have noticed that…LOL ;) He also told me that Many penguins have contacted PSA and asked why The Island was falling down so fast from the sky? We had some technical problems with the Island Lifter 3000 Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy explained that why we fell down…Agents has checked the Island and Luckily nobody got hurt and no buildings were damaged in the landing so now everything is back to Normal again. I Thanked Gary for this wonderful FUN Flying Event :) You very welcome he said and then he left to go and check something…

click to enlarge …I waddled over to Aunt Arctic to give her a Party Review for the Newspaper I had promised her to write…She was Busy looking for a specific mail from Rockhopper that she accidently mixed up with the Fan Mail… Aunt Arctic I said do you need help? Hi Saraapril no thanks I am fine do you have the Festival Report? Yes I have it here I answered…Good Good Aunt Arctic said can you please leave it on my desk? The Snowball press will start printing this weeks Club Penguin Times soon…Okay I said are you sure that I can’t help you? That’s okay Thanks Aunt Arctic said and dived back in to the Big Pile of Mail…  

click to enlarge…I left The Report and waddled home to feed my Puffles thinking that both Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper acts strange Sometimes…

…Party a Flying Success!

1. Gary’s plan to lift up the island to replace the glass was met with enthusiasm!

2. Penguins everywhere helped get gadgets and inventions ready for take-off!

3. It worked! For the first time ever, the island of Club Penguin was in the air!

4. Penguins tested some of Gary’s inventions and took in the views!

5. All over there were sky-high adventures to be had!

6. Slowly and safely, Club Penguins returned to the water and the Festival of Flight was called a “flying success!”

click to enlarge…Here you Find Links to all my Blog Post about the The Festival of Flight Party :)

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