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Saturday, August 15, 2009

More FUN at Festival of Flight :)

Today I have had so Much FUN TOGETHER with my Friends in Club Penguin :) Here are a FEW things we did :) We had a Looking for Gary Party at the Hot Air Balloon :)

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…More Gary Party up here at the Tallest Mountain :) GARY! GARY!

click to enlarge …I think this Hydro Hopper elevator is so Cool :) I can stand here For a LOOONG time and Play with it:)

     …Balloon Ride Hi Dokkener my Friend :) How are you Today?

click to enlarge…Rizz01, Tailswing, Wibby32 and I flying at the Iceberg :) Better to hurry back to our Flying Club Penguin so we don't get left behind…LOL :)

click to enlarge

…I am Back up at The Tallest Mountain and there I met Joanna7777 and Sneakgirl23 :)

click to enlarge…Sorry I couldn't add you but we are Friends Anyway :) I send you a Buddy Card so now we are FRIENDS :) See you soon in Club Penguin again :)

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…LOL…If we throw lots and lots of Snowballs on Club Penguin will it be to heavy and sink back on the water? Let’s TRY :)

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                          …Joanna7777 and I LOVES to Fly :)

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               …Time to work and earn this Month Paycheck :)

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           …Hi Icy Daze :) Isn't this Festival of Flight Fantastic!

click to enlarge…Wickeddude I and Beckygirl 34 have a Flying Puffle PARTY! and we told lots of FUN jokes and Laughed so Much :)

click to enlarge                        …We sell Tickets to the Balloon Ride…

click to enlarge                                       …This is FUN :)

click to enlarge

                  …Look we have found the End of The World :) …2009-08-15 22.18.56 - Copy…Oops! Beckygirl 34 ALMOST fall of the Island but Wickeddude and I saved her…

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…The Night Club is so Cool I Love to look what we flying over Today I saw a Whale :)

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          …We are in the Middle of a THUNDERSTORM! HELP :)

…Time to Help Gary and Fixing the Windows…Now we have put glass in :)

click to enlarge                  …Thanks Autelie you are a Great Work Boss :)

click to enlarge …I LOVE to sit and Talk and Laugh TOGETHER with my Friends :)

2009-08-15 22.27.16 - Copy             …To Much Coffee and Hot Chocolate I guess…LOL :)

…THANKS! to ALL Penguins that I Played with Today You makes Club Penguin FUN :) See you Tomorrow Waddle on!                             

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                                Fun at Festival of Flight :)           

  TRACKER! Where is Gary the Gadget Guy in Club Penguin? CHEATS

     Festival of Flight GUIDE and CHEATS! August 14 – 18. 2009 :)

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