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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :)

Star Reporter 3 (released July 30, 2009) This is Club Penguin’s Third pick your path book and it is About Aunt ARCTIC :) This book has 80 pages and an Unlock items Online Code  :)

Readers will love getting to work with Aunt Arctic, editor-in-chief of the Club Penguin Times, in this book where they choose the ending! Will the reader report on a party at the Iceberg, review the latest Club Penguin play, or cover the big ice hockey game? It’s in their hands! You can read a Sneak Peek from this Book on Amazon :)

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This Book Chillin' with Friends (released July 30, 2009) Comes with 4 POSTCARDS you can send to your Friends :) AWESOME Idea! The Cards look like this…

                                         …Friends Card…

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                                          …Party Card…

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                                           …Map Card…

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                                 …About this Book Card…

Want to have a blast with your Club Penguin friends? Or are you looking to meet some awesome new buddies? This book is full of great ideas and tips for super-fun stuff to do, like starting a band, joining a club, or getting sweet jobs at the Pizza Parlor or the Coffee Shop. All you need to get started are some penguins – and a bit of imagination!

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…In October 2009 we will get MORE Books so this ones are not available yet…Game Mania (to be released October 15, 2009) This Book will have 100 stickers and a poster! GREAT :) I LOVE Stickers and Posters :) Club Penguin’s mini-games are one of Club Penguin’s biggest draws. Penguins can surf in Catchin’ Waves, fly through the sky in Jet Pack Adventure, plus much more. This book provides helpful game tips— then kids can decorate in-game scenes with the reusable stickers, and they get a supercool poster!

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Find Four :)

Find Four, found in the Ski Lodge and Ski Lodge Attic, may seem easy, but sometimes it takes strategy to get four chips in a row. For example, it you can get three chips in a row without an opponent’s chip on either side, your opponent can only block one end, and you’re guaranteed to get four in a row.

REMEMBER: Whatever you do, don’t take your eye off your opponent’s chips: you’ve always got to be ready to block them from getting four in a row. How to Play Find Four in Club Penguin :)

Get Your Game On :)

You love all of Club Penguin’s mini-games, and you could probably spend hours playing. It’s easy to learn the basics – but if you want to become a true game master and earn the most coins possible, just try out the tips, hints, and secrets in this book for some of Club Penguin’s most popular games.

Sled Racing :)

Feeling the need for speed? Then hear to the Ski Hill for some Sled Racing. If you’re up for a real challenge, try Penguin Run or Ridge Run. Or if you’re still working on your racing skills, start with the Bunny Hill or Express Run.

Sledding Secrets:

To zoom past the competition, slide over ice patches to catch some super speed. And keep in mind that even though flying over jumps and bumps is fun, they actually slow you down. How to Play Sled Race in Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Comics: Volume 1 (to be released October 15, 2009)

This reader-sized book with 48 pages is a compilation of silly comics about everything Club Penguin, from puffles to igloos to friendship, and more. This collection features the best comics from the virtual world of Club Penguin—plus lots of original, brand new comics. It’s perfect for reluctant readers, and for Club Penguin fans everywhere.

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The Official Stage Playbook (to be released October 15, 2009)

The Stage is Club Penguin’s virtual theater, where penguins can put on plays replete with elaborate sets and costumes. This book highlights all of the plays featured on the site, including scripts and ideas for making sets and costumes so kids can perform plays on the site, or at home!  This book has 80 pages and also a code to Unlock items Online.

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How to Put on a Show :)

While an audience is always needed to watch and appreciate the plays that are performed at The Stage, a lot of work goes into putting on a wonderful show. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Cast and Crew Needed :)

Whether you’ve dreamed of acting, directing or working behind the scenes on a show, The Stage is the perfect place to show off your special talents.

To get started, you’ll need penguins to play all the parts in the show. Let your friends know you want to put on a show. One way to spread the word is by sending a postcard through Penguin Mail.

Putting on a play is also a great way to make new friends. Many of the penguins hanging out at The Stage want to be involved in a production. Ask around. You’ll be saying, ‘Places, please!’ before you know it!

Take a Tour :)

I’m a penguin who has a passion for The Stage. When a new production comes out, I put on my director’s cap and get ready to lead my pals in a stellar show. I’m going to be telling you fun facts and secrets about The Stage throughout this book. Whenever you see my picture get ready to learn something new about The Stage!

Theatre Seats:  Kick back and watch the show in these comfy chairs.

Switchbox 3000: Click the buttons and bull the levers to control the seats, turn on spotlights, and create special effects.

Stage: Here’s where all the action happens! Each play has its own special set.

Balcony: Watch the play in style in one of the two balcony seating sections.

Costume Trunk: Penguins with memberships can buy costumes and special backgrounds by either clicking on the box marked ‘Costumes’ or with the Costume Trunk icon in the catalogue.

Script: Open the script and click on the lines to read them onstage.

Under this label The Stage you will find more info about The Stage and Different Plays :)

In November 2009 and Mars 2010 we will get Three More Books :) No images are Available yet…

Disney Club Penguin Mad Libs (to be released November 12, 2009)

The Great Puffle Switch (to be released Mars 4, 2010)

Big Book of Activities (to be released Mars 4, 2010)

See More Club Penguin Books that are Available right NOW :)

Where we live we have a little Book shop and they are Great! They can order in any Book I want to buy and then they call My Mum to tell when the Book has arrived :) Now I have to start save Money so I can buy all this Books :) Sadly the book Story don't accept Club Penguin Coins…LOL :)

Remember that you can Read some Club Penguin Books for Free Online in the Book Room in Club Penguin :) Some of the Books have Games and some have secret items for you too :)

At The Stage you sometimes got a Book too here you can read the Fairy Fables Story Book

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)


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