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Friday, August 7, 2009

Rare Outfit St. Patrick’s Lucky Clover Dress :)

      Today in The Ski Village I met Hollister835 and Snow Bunni :)

…Snow Bunni’s Dress is so Pretty and Saint Patrick’s Green :) I Think this is the First Time I has ever seen this Dress on a Penguin! Is it anyone that knows when it was available? I Guess during The First St Patrick’s Day Party am I right?

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…This Years St Patrick’s Day Party had a Picture of The Green Clover Dress in The Penguin Times Newspaper but The Dress was not for Sale…

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…and here is The Dress again at The St. Patrick’s Card we could send to each other :) I hope we can get this cute Dress Next Year :)

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The St. Patrick’s Day Party was so MUCH FUN :) Do you Remember this…

What Time is it? It’s PARTY TIME!!!

St.Patrick’s Preparations

St. Patrick’s Day Party Update!

Waddling around waiting for St. Patrick's Day Party to start

New Club Penguin Pin-The Lucky Coin Pin :)

ST Patrick's Day Party is HERE :)

New Club Penguin St. Patrick's Post Card

Hydro-Hopper going Green :)

Guide Tour of Club Penguin’s St.Patrick’s Day Party Member Room-The Leprechauns Tree House :)

Welcome to Club Penguin’s St Patrick's Party :)

Home Cute Home :)

A New Friend :)

St.Patrick's Party Update! or HELP WERE IS THE St.PATRICK'S PARTY!!!

Our Island is GREEN :)

Dancing around and having Fun at St. Patrick's Party :)

click to enlarge

…If you miss St. Patrick's Day you can Download this St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper :)


Jhuyu26 said...

Well I've seen that dress several times before and yes, It WAS IN the first St. Patrick's Day catalog... Many of my friends and I were there to see it.

Saraapril said...

Hi Extra Peng That is Cool :) Thanks! Do you have the Dress?

Jessierox49 said...

I used to have the dress on my old account. It is really pretty. Although, I gave the penguin to my friend for her birthday beacause it had a membership. Oh, well like you said maybe they will use it next year in the catalog! I hope so!

Anonymous said...

It was in 2007

Jhuyu26 said...

Sadly, no I don't. Back when that dress was out I didn't have a membership.... or internet... I was playing from one of my friend's houses.

Artistgirl said...

I don't know exactly when the dress first came out, but I do have this dress. My account is around seven years old... and I love the dress. But now it's not rare anymore because its come back.

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