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Monday, August 10, 2009

Treasure Book series 4 is HERE in Club Penguin :) CHEATS!

Hurray! more Cool items to use online in Club Penguin :) This is for us ALL Both Members and Non members can Buy a Club Penguin Toy with a Code and Unlock items from This Catalog :) Make sure That your Code Coin Have The Right Series Number depending on which Catalog you want to get items from :)

click to enlargeThe Treasure Book This is a special book, unlike any you’ll find in Club Penguin. Inside these pages you will unlock an extraordinary collection of exclusive items and long-time favorites. How to Unlock Items Online

Here are the items :) The Firestriker, Green Sunglasses, Lifeguard Shirt, Life Ring, Blue Snorkel, Sport Bikini, Blue Flippers…

click to enlarge

…Park Ranger Hat, Hiking Backpack, Beige Explorer Outfit, Hiking Boots, Fishing Hat, Black Glasses, Fishing Rod, Fishing Vest, Messenger Bag…

click to enlarge

…Fish Costume, Yellow Flippers, Puffle Bandana, Eyepatch, Lighthouse Shirt…

click to enlarge…Bee Antennae, Bee Wings, Bee Costume, Faery Wig, Faery Wings, Faery Costume…I think it suppose to be Fairy wig, Fairy Wings and Fairy Costume :)

click to enlarge… Rad Scientist Wig, Rad Scientist Costume, Frankenpenguin Hat, Frankenpenguin Costume…

click to enlargeExclusives…Burgundy Beanie, Green Peacoat, Canvas Rocker Hat, Dark Denim Jacket, Fuzzy Wrist Bands, Canvas Cloud Shoes…

click to enlarge

Adopt a Puffle…Green Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Blue Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Purple Puffle…No White Puffle yet…

UPDATE: The White Puffle is now added :)

click to enlarge                             …and you can get Coins too :)

click to enlarge

…Under this label TOYS you find over 50 Blog Post about Club Penguin Toys :)

See the Sneak Peek of Treasure Book Series Four :)

I found NO Secret Item???? It is Usually ONE in The Treasure Book I wonder if Club Penguin will add one soon?                  


Jessierox49 said...

Awwwww, I was hoping for a new hidden item. Its so cool when you find them! Oh, and Saraapril I found something REALLY cool looking through the old archives of the What's New? Blog! Scroll to the bottom and click on the archive that says Robots! Then scroll down to the bottom and look at the last comments from Dude King999! He asks CP if they can make it so that we can buy music for our igloos, add a pool, add a hair shop, and have ninjas that go invisible! I was like OMG! That might be the guy who gave CP the ideas that we have now! That's so cool!

~Jes :)

Saraapril said...

This is so Cool :) THANKS for telling me :) When MANY Penguins ask for the same things Club Penguin makes them Happens! I LOVE that Club Penguin listen to us :) Do you Remember The Swim Race During The Sports Party? THANKS to Dude King999 for your GREAT ideas :)

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