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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Golden Code Cards for Card–Jitsu Game :)

       Club Penguin has NEW Golden Cards for Card-Jitsu Game :)

What is the Golden Code Card?

The ALL NEW Golden Code Card allows players to skip whole levels and attain ninja status even faster!

The black card with golden border says “CLUB PENGUIN Card-Jitsu Training Card Game - Fast track your path to become a ninja. Enter this code to add cards online and upgrade to the next level”

There is one Golden Code Card in all 18 Packs, 8 Value Decks and 5 Dojo Collector Boxes but only in the new series that soon will be available to buy

With this card comes 4 cards that you can use when you play Card-Jitsu

If you have a Black belt you will get 3 holographic cards that are the best cards in all of Card-Jitsu


How can I get the Golden Code Card?

It is included Golden Code Cards 1 in 18 Packs, 1 in 8 Value Decks, 1 in 5 Dojo Collector Boxes

Where can I get the Golden Code Card?

At all places you can buy Club Penguin card packs, value decks and collector boxes like Club Penguin online store, Target, Walmart, Toys''R''Us, Farmers, Disney Store and also Amazon

When can I get the Golden Code Card?

Soon the stores will have them :)

Show your style with “Custom Your Penguin” game cards and sticker sheets, available in every pack.

12 “Customize Your Penguin” Sticker Sheets 1 Per Pack, 2 Per Value Deck, 3 Per Dojo Collector Box

                                 Single Blister Pack – Set 2

Includes: 6 Game Cards, 1 Foil Power Card, 1 “Customize Your Penguin” Game Card, 1 “Customize Your Penguin” Sticker Sheet, 1 Code Card.

Each trading card pack contains a code to unlock exclusive, powerful virtual cards with custom animations playable in the online game. As players win in the online game, they are able to unlock a exclusive items for their penguin avatar, “level up” to black belt status and eventually become a ninja!

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Boiieuan said...

Wow I Never Knew about these cards,where would you get them in the UK would you know?

If Not I Wish i Had a Code But thats going to be no chance :( but anyway good post

Saraapril said...

Some Cards are for Sale in UK take a look at Disney Store online, they can ship to UK and Disney Store UK

Anonymous said...

The new cards with golden code cards inside will be on sale in the UK at the end of Sept in most newsagents.

Anonymous said...

I got those cards a few days ago. If you want, I could e-mail you some pictures.

Saraapril said...

Hi Pengwing4 you are so Lucky :) Thanks! That would be GREAT! I will give you credit :)

Anonymous said...

I got Golden Card two times
i am Very Lucky


Anonymous said...

cool i have all the cards from this series and 5 golden cards

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