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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hidden Emotes :) Secret Revealed CLASSIFIED :)

                         Secret Nr 44…Rerun of Secret Nr 19

click to enlargeHIDDEN EMOTES

Sometimes sticking your tongue out or making a barf-face says more than words ever could. That’s why many penguins enjoy emoticons so much. If you enjoy these excellent expressions, did you know that there are a few hidden ones?

Pressing ‘E’ on your keyboard, and then another letter will display an emoticon, some of which you won’t find in your emoticon list. Give it a try!

click to enlarge


Emotes are a GREAT way to Communicate with other Penguins :) Emotes are small icons that display a thought or Emotion. You find a list of common Emotes when you click the Smiley Face icon second from the left on your Tool bar.

Quick Keys are GREAT :)

You can display Emotes as do Actions using keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of Quick Keys…Try them out next time you log in to Play Club Penguin!

Some Quick Keys are:

…e1 Laughing face, e2 Smiley, e3 Straight face, e4 Frown, e5 Surprise, e6 Sticking out tongue, e7 Wink, e8 Green sickly face, e0 Sad face, eu Crooked face, ec Coffee cup, eg Game, eo Popcorn, ez Pizza, eq Ice Cream, ek Cake, el Good Luck, eb Light Bulb, eh Heart, ef Flower…

click to enlargeActions

You Penguin can do several different Actions. Click the sitting Penguin icon on your tool bar. It is the Third icon from the left. Choose an action and watch your penguin. You can Sit, Dance and Wave. To throw a snowball, click the snowball icon on your tool bar or press t and then click the area you want to throw it :)

           …OR…s Sit or use your Arrow Keys, d Dance, w Wave :)

click to enlarge

…Here are Club Penguins Secret Emotes :) ew Chocolate Ice Cream, et Note, ei Igloo, ep Puffle, ed Sol, en Moon and Stars, em Coin :)

                     …I Like Emotes so I can Express Myself :)


Taylow's CP Cheats said...

Hey Sara! I've posted a link to this post in my website, cuz of the list of emoticons! Check it out at !
Also, you rock, gal! ;)

Saraapril said...

Hi Taylow :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just to point out, if you press et you will get a musical note and a "wierd noise"

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