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Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Fun at the Fall Fair :)

The Fall Fair is so Much FUN these are SOME of the things I have done in the last days...I met my Friends Limerider22 and Waddlesthe4 in The Captain's Quarter Limerider22 soaked me with water :) LOL…

click to enlarge   …then we went to The Iceberg and Slide down in The ball Ocean :)

click to enlarge

…This is SO MUCH FUN! The only thing with this room is that it quickly gets too slow…Warning! It can be Frustrating to change outfit in this room…

click to enlarge                      …Hello :) This is my Friend Vnkdolphin…

click to enlarge

…up at Ski Hill we ate yummy ice cream and tasty Pizza :) Thanks Who789 for making GREAT Pizzas and Thanks Relien1 for making my ice cream Lactose Free :)

click to enlarge                     …Time for Sled Race I am leading WOHOO!

click to enlarge                …Oops! LOL…Vnkdolphin’s Toboggan is FAST :)

click to enlarge

…Congrats Friend :) Let’s Race Shell12457 and her cute Pink Puffle :)

click to enlarge …I LOVE this slide :) Mccain162 makes sure it is a Water Slide…Wiiii :)

click to enlarge                                 …Welcome to my Igloo :)

click to enlarge …Vnkdolphin has a GREAT Igloo :) Her Puffles LOVES to Play around here :)

click to enlarge                                       …Hi Puffles :)

click to enlarge                        …Sunshine wants to have a PARTY :)

click to enlarge   …That is a GREAT Idea :) Dance and Sing Puffle Party! Lalalala…

…Now we are at The Great Puffle Circus The cute Pink Puffle will soon dive…

click to enlarge

Dance Challenge :) Vnkdolphin is Good at this Game I still needs More Training…LOL :)

click to enlarge …Then Vnkdolphin and I starting to look for Rockhopper it was CROWDED!

click to enlarge                       …Are you here Rockhopper? Yarr?

click to enlarge

…I think they are here somewhere…but…where is Vnkdolphin? Sorry I lost you in the crowd…see you another time in Club Penguin Friend :)

click to enlarge

                  …My Friend Extra Peng’s Igloo is so Cool :)

click to enlarge               …Lots of Friends, Family's and cute Pets here :)

click to enlarge

    …Fish burgers for me and 13229e Please :) Thanks Ray Ban77 :)

click to enlarge      …Hello Rsnail Games and Chiplite have you seen Rockhopper?

click to enlarge

…Nope! Rockhopper was not in there…I will continue to  Look for him and Yarr until I find them :) Waddle On! See you all around Club Penguin :)

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