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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Stories and Adventures: Sensei's Worry

Today me and my Puffles was Training TOGETHER when Sensei Came for a Visit! Hi grasshopper Saraapril he said and Smiled :) I Bowed to Sensei and said Welcome :)

…I am Very Proud over all my Ninjas and their Progress Sensei said… Practice Always…Be careful when you Practice. Always take care of Plants and Flowers…sometimes new untrained Ninjas steps on the Plants in my Dojo Garden…Take good care of the nature Always…The Nature will give back…Smell the Flowers! Then Sensei VANISHED!

…Do you think Sensei wants me to take care of the Plants in the Dojo? I asked Speed my Black Puffle…Speed nodded and burst into Flames!

…I changed to my Garden clothes and waddled over to the Dojo I could see that some plants needed some attention and care…I LOVE to work alone in a Garden it is so calming and Peaceful specially when no Ninjas are here and practicing :)

…I LOVE FLOWERS :) Lalalala…Working and Singing a Happy Flower Song :) A NINJA! LOL…Hi Harrynanu I didn't noticed you at all :) WOW! you are a very Good Ninja :) Sorry for almost hit you in the head with my raft I didn't see you at all :)

…When all the Flowers and Plants had got water and care I Waddled home to my Igloo again When I came inside Speed came to me he had something shiny in his mouth that he wanted to give to me…An AMULET! I held the item in my flipper and looked at it…It was made of pure Gold and had Fire and Water and Snow signs on it :) So pretty I said and put the Necklace on :) Where did you find this I asked Speed he burst out in Flames again and Blueberry gave me a note: Thanks for always taking care of plants and Flowers. This Amulet will be the Key for the next step of your Journey - Sensei

…I Smiled  :) Sensei is always so wise and Kind I wonder what secrets and Adventures this Ninja Amulet will take me on? THANKS SENSEI :)

…I would appreciate if the Stealing of my Pictures STOPPED! If you want to borrow a Picture ASK FIRST and make sure to Give me CREDIT and LINK Back to me! THANKS :) Be HONEST make SENSEI Proud!


Spider880 said...

Cool story!

Saraapril said...

Hi Spider880 Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

wait...did that really happen?


hey saraapril god photography i couldnt also see me i thought where is my penguin gone i was also there then i saw a ninja hiding behind the plants then i saw its name and it was me thanx very good story :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was true!!! lol
tnxs saraapril!

from lauren888

Anonymous said...

Awesome! How'd you get the amulet?!

yackydo said...

hi can I borrow your amulet pics?

Saraapril said...

Hi yackdo :) Yes you can if you give me Credit (thats includes a Clickable link to my Blog) Thanks for asking :)

Teesam from Cambodia said...

Hey! Are you Sensei's grand daughter?

Why you can get many special things from Sensei?

Anonymous said...

how did you make Sensei in your igloo?

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