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Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Igloo and Online and Offline Play :)

Today me and my Puffles moved to a New Igloo :) I asked my Puffles to keep their eyes closed they did and then they followed me closely to our new home…I said open your eyes and they did and saw that we now lives in a Backyard Igloo :)

click to enlarge …they are so HAPPY and right now we Turn our Backyard to a BIG STAGE! Hannah3823 came and helped us Thanks Friend :)

click to enlarge

…I still owe Mum and Dad Bank some Money so Today Offline me and my Friends will have a Membership Benefit Play :) We have sold Tickets to our Family and Neighbors and TOGETHER with  Dad and Grandpa we kids have build two Stages one in our Backyard and one in my Friends Backyard :) Mum and an Older Women that lives close to us have helped us to make cool and cute Costumes and painting the decor :) THANKS Nan :) Her own Grandchildren lives far far away so she likes when we comes over and visit her :) In my Backyard we will have an Underwater Adventure Play! We have used some of the lines from the Club Penguins Play and then we added our own lines and made a New twist to the Play :)

click to enlarge

                            …Welcome to the Mermaid Sea :)

click to enlarge…When the First Act is Played Littletias will play a Fiddle and we will ALL Follow him to my Friends backyard where Act Two Lost in Time will be Performed :)

click to enlarge

…We will sell Popcorn too and Grandpa have already Promised to Buy two bags :) He said he might buy more if he doesn’t have to EAT them…LOL…He is Funny :)

…but First I have a little time to Play in Club Penguin…Our Sleeping Beauty Powerful Til is Still here :) and so are some of my Friends :)

click to enlarge       …Let’s go and Play in my Igloo :) Icy Piper 65 likes Popcorn :)

                        …My Friend Emma84432 is here too :)

click to enlarge

…and so are Recycle4eve and Sedrick24294 :) GREAT! Let’s make up a Play TOGETHER! I can be the Story Teller :) Once up on a Time…

click to enlarge

…Emma84432 wants to be the Princess GREAT! Let’s start over again :)

click to enlarge

                            …a Princess lived in the Forest…

click to enlarge                    …she had long hair and she LOVED to Read…

click to enlarge

                       …Hi Gary3005 Welcome to join the Play :)

click to enlarge               …The Pretty Princess smells a Beautiful Flower…

click to enlarge

                             …The Flowers are so Pretty :)

  …The kind Sheep and Teddy are Pretty Princesses Best Friends :)

click to enlarge …Please help me to make up lines…The Play will be better and More FUN if we make it TOGETHER :)

click to enlarge              …Icy Piper 65 wants to be a Dragon :) GREAT IDEA!

                                …Moving to the Next Stage…

click to enlarge                 …Playing on BOTH Stages…This is PERFECT!

click to enlarge

…Oops! I forgot to pay for my Ticket…LOL :) Thanks Sedrick24294 for taking care of the Tickets Sale :)

click to enlarge                                 …Ouch…Splash Splash!!!!!              

click to enlarge

                          …Funkyawesome is a Squidzoid :)                      

   …My Puffles making up Their own Play that we will Watch later :)

click to enlarge                                  …This is so Much FUN :)

…Thanks for Playing Friends now I have to go so me and My Offline Friends can start our Play :) By the way Dad laughs and claims that he should be able to see the Show for free just because he own the Backyard…but Mum have promised that she will make him Pay! See you later in Club Penguin Friends :)  Now i will be off to Offline Fun with Family and Friends :)


TheAwsomness said...

=) awesome! i love how you made the stage! and also, i think Powerful Til maybe forgot to log off.i know about auto disconnect, but u don't disappear until u click Ok. And are u going to Sammyrunner's party? IT STARTS RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing me! Being the dragon was so mch fun! the popcorn was also delicious! Yum! Thanks for meeting me!

Icy Piper 65

... said...

That's really creative! Looks like you had lots of fun! =]

Thoord said...

Wow! That's so cool! I have a backyard igloo also. The backyard part is a jungle and the top part is a night club. I hope I can see your iggy someday!

Steffi67 said...

Hi saraapril im not sure if this is important, but powerful til is GONE!

Saraapril said...

Hi Steffi67 :) Thanks for letting me know :) I have made a Blog Post about it :) Powerful Til is Gone!

Anonymous said...

cool igloo!!

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