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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ninja Amulet STOLEN! More Liars BUSTED!

I am Tired of all Lying Bloggers that STEALS from ME! And then claim that thy are HONEST!  Here is SOME of the Lies from Jman93 have said to me:

Hey, Do you think you could send me the image of the Ninja Amulette, Please. As large as possible w/o mark. I will give you credit. Please?

  He didn't gave me Proper Credit and when I asked him too he LIED!

LOL! No, I found the SWF file become when it was out someone grabbed the temp file, and a took a pic from that. So it wasent YOUR picture... so I just didnt understand why I had to give credit if the picture was not yours... If you want I can add "Thaks Saraaprillin for . . . Im sorry, I didnt think I had to since it wasent ur picture. I dont know how to clear off ur stamp…You think im lying?…Look, Im a nice dude. I did not try to rip you off. Im just honestly telling you that is not your picture. YES, without you I would . . . have never found out about this glitch, but I found this picture for a different resource, That's honest. But I added a little note... But don't tell me a stole something of yours, when I didnt. I just got the IDEA from u.

Jman93 you are a LIAR and here is the PROOF! One thing is true…Jmann93 you don’t know how to clear off My Watermark!

Jmann93 says he has the Original Picture but if he had used an Original Picture why did he add small traces from my Watermark?
These traces that he and others could not remove proves that they used my picture with my Watermark and NOT the Original Picture
The Original Picture don't have these traces and shadows
To see the details better you can zoom in either in your web browser or in a paint program


Below you can see a small part of my original large sized image and it is easy to see the “r” that is part of My Watermark and that Jmann93 used my Picture and NOT an Original as he claims!

Jmann93 you are DISHONEST! You STEAL and you LIE! Jmann93 you are BUSTED!

                           Lux1200 you STOLE My Picture!


                             Adam you STOLE My Picture!


                        Codename Cp you STOLE My Picture!

Codename Cp

  Marczuurman ( you STOLE My Picture!

Spaw9 you STOLE this Picture from Lux1200 That Lux1200 STOLE from Me in the First Place!



To ALL Dishonest Bloggers! To Remove your Blog Post about this is NOT ENOUGH! Make an Apology Post Where you admit you did wrong and that you Stole from me and Promise to NEVER steal from Me or Anyone else again and Promise to never Remove, Replace or cover over anyone's Watermark Again! Add a Clickable link to Saraapril in Club Penguin  

Then edit your Post and Remove your STOLEN Pictures and Replace it with THIS PICTURE!

Make a clickable link back to my Post NINJA AMULET Key to New Journey in Club Penguin :) And learn to GIVE PROPER CREDIT!

Don’t try the trick to remove your Blog Post or Remove the Pictures later on for if you do you WILL be BUSTED AGAIN!

          Ninja Amulet Picture STOLEN! Give Blog Post CREDIT!

                    Chrisdog93 Continuing STEELING from Me!

                           Chrisdog93 BUSTED as a LIAR!


Spider880 said...

Nice job locating all of them, Saraapril. I will help any way I can. I could help tear apart their lies even more and make them even more of a liar, like I did with Chrisdog. This kind of happened with the Adventure Party. People kept saying they had found it when I had.

Peggie Quin said...

OMG! I can't believe how STUPID people are! THIS MAKES ME MAD >:(

Saraapril, if things get worse, BE SURE to contact Blogger! I AM! But first try to make the PERSON remove it!

Cafina said...

WOW! So many people are COPYING and CHEATING! I never knew people stoop that LOW to make themselves sound more important!
t would be okay if one or two people copied, but then said sorry and gave you proper credit, but SIX people? (Not including Chrisdog 93 and the other people not as recent as these.)

This is OUTRAGEOUS! To have so many people LYING and being DISHIONEST, ILLEGAL, CHEATS!!!

Grrr...I agree with Peggie, people are being stupid and it just makes me ANGRY!!!

amberr =P said...

i am sorry but i dont believe that. in all the pictures, they are mostly different than yours and i dont see the s or r at all and i have over perfect vision. for example, some of the amulets are than the one you had

Saraapril said...

Hi amberr

Jmann93 says he has the Original Picture but if he had used an Original Picture why did he add small traces from my Watermark?

These traces that he and others could not remove proves that they used my picture with my Watermark and NOT the Original Picture

The Original Picture don't have these traces and shadows

To see the details better you can zoom in either in your web browser or in a paint program

danthemanr1 said...

wow, they did steal those pics. You should get there site shut down.

Saraapril said...

Hi 3jel97
To give Blog Credit Jmann93 should have used my picture and added a clickable link. I am sure that Jmann93 will correct this soon because we are Friends :)

Anonymous said...

Personally I think that the popular guys copy off the "less popular" because if there was like a group that determined who stole the pic then they would bow down to the popular guys.
Just cuz they're popular!

Lolman123123 said...

hello, now tell me saraapril, how do i, or anyone else know that YOU edited and stole the OTHER peoples pictures. do you have ABSOLUTE proof they stole? by absolute i mean them coming up and saying, "i stole the photo." some REAL proof. beacause unless you have ABSOLUTE proof they stole, well, you have no real proof. do you know what i mean? amd also one last thing... why where you at the sites? hm? to see what was new around clubpenguin instead of finding out yourself? thats what i want to know.

Saraapril said...

Hi Lolman123123 Yes I have full ABSOLUTE proof they stole and used my picture with my watermark and this will be finally proved when Club Penguin releases the Amulet Page in the Martial Art Book

Let us all be Friends :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! this is hilarous! OMG, I loved the one where you busted Jman! AND LUX IS A GREAT 'EDITOR' to say for the least! LOL GREAT JOB SARA! *Internets High Fives*

Anonymous said...

Wow... That's so rude.. Instead of actually just taking about a few more seconds and adding proper credit, they just delete the post, or try to get away with it. This is shameful. I have never been SO mad in my life.. (OK maybe I have but im still VERY mad) Also, I want to know why every one is copying YOU!!! It doesn't make sense! Do you copy any one else!? No! Next up mimo777 will start copying you!!! (THIS IS JUST AN EXPRESSION. HE POSSIBLY MIGHT, BUT STILL PROBABLY NOT)
-Limerider22 (Please post this comment)

Anonymous said...

Wow i never knew people could stoop so low.... It's a shame i just CAN'T imagine why people would steal from you! i know that you had it first because you update your site everyday! somepeople do it every other day! I am on your side 100 percent!!
- Leeny500

Ulrich1337 said...

Sorry for that FOOLISH comment i was TRYING to post earlier,i ulrich123456 agree with you 100%.

Joanna7777 said...

Wow...The strangest thing is that when you tell them to stop they don't :-\

mousyblack said...

thats disgusting guys. honestly, how can you even do that to saraapril, she is always so nice and u just STEAL from her? and not even say u stole? >:(

Oma Els said...

Woah! Very clever thinking at Marczuurman's picture. I didn't note the S of you penguin name :)

Sports Journal said...

To tell u the truth im shocked jam and chrisdog removed their posts! THIS IS JUST CRAZY! At Least Lux gave u credit!

Anonymous said...

Ok that is just stupid and mean. I copied Chrisdog93 and used his watermark. I did not mean to make you mad. But those people make ME mad! And to think Jmann93 is mad for people copying him! I would cus but I would get in trouble. lol Remember I'm sorry! I fixed the post. Go check it out. And don't be mad at me! It was an accident!

me_only127 said...

WOW... who knew SOO many people are so dishonest! These people are so stupid to think they can fool other people. Poor you, saraapril... there may be hundreds more people using your edited pictures... will help you track more!


Jhuyu26 said...

WOW... Some of those people sure are not smart... even I saw the small picture of you in the corner of those pics! But one of them did some clever thinking as they replaced your coins with theirs... although it looks extra fake cause no one has 999999999 or so coins!!
-And by the way, LOLMAN123123, what if the innocent Saraapril was looking for copiers? What if she was searching on some search engine about it, and got these copiers? Huh?

Ninjinian said...

Hey Saraapril! I'm Ninjinian, a blog author. I checked out your blog and I see.... wow! So many cheaters! I really wanted to post about the Amulet aswell, but I had no actual picture to use. And I certainly did not want to copy you or anyone else. If you want me to do something, I can post a post on my website about others copying you and give out a warning. Thank you, reply back!

Saraapril said...

Hi Ninjinian :)
Thanks I Appreciate your Support :) Please do :)

Anonymous said...

thats real unfair!
I mean some pplz work hard to find these pics and if pplz just steals them thats cheating.
So basically JMANN93 didnt do any work at all but you did saraapril!

Saraapril said...

Hi gatorsnc Thanks for fixing your post :) I am not mad at you we can all make mistakes :) See you in Club Penguin Friend :)

Anonymous said...

They should give credit to you!
You should sue them!

Anonymous said...

ok spaw's pic is kinda ridiculous.
I mean seriously, it looks like he didn't even try!

Walt10 said...

Umm Saraapril, I don't know if you know this are not, but did you know that the owner of Spq96's cheat home has you picture of the amulet. JUST CHECKING! If he asked, then whatever.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if Spq96 did ask, he didn't give you credit for your blog! I'm sorry about all the liars. It must stink to have people stealing your ideas and material all the time.

Victoria said...

People should just not be lazy and get their own picture! that is what i think!!!!!!!!!

People also do the same with infomation!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

well...i know this was a LONG time ago, but i feel bad about my comment. lol...i feel all akward. srry!

(P.S. that day i was really freakin mad. i forget why, but i thin that my mom made me go to some stupid event thing.)

Saraapril said...

Hi Lolman :) Thanks for the Apology I really Appreciate it :)

Reeves246 said...

You do think that its not actually hard to take a screenshot yourself, it only takes 10 Seconds, so why did they steal from other Bloggers?

sumayyah said...

Wow,I though I knew him better! I'm sorry about what I said, after when I see all this proof.He used to be good now,JUST A CRIMINAL! I'm sorry of what he did to u!

People are so mean.Saraapril I hope you can get through this.

CHRISDOG IS A LIAR LIAR PANTS OF FIRE >.< !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cookie~

Unknown said...

Hi there, Saraapril! You have a really awesome eye sight there and you can see something which is real small. So, the ones who lied must give Saraapril a credit before it's too late.

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