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Saturday, September 12, 2009

PARTY! End of 101 days of FUN!

THANKS to ALL Penguins that came to Celebrate Floppyj10 and ALL THE SUMMER FUN WE HAVE HAD TOGETHER THIS SUMMER :) This PARTY was so Much FUN! First we was at The Dock :)

click to enlarge                  …and I tried to Add Everyone that asked me :)

click to enlarge        …Just as I Promised to do :) Saraapril’s Buddy List Update!


click to enlarge …WOW! So Many Friends :) Like Gary I gets little scared in Crowds so I tried to hide…Sorry :)

click to enlarge

  …Then Spider880 had made juice for us all :) THANKS Spider880 :)

click to enlarge                     …Then we waddled TOGETHER thru Town…

click to enlarge

  …The Snow Fort and The Plaza to my Favorite place on this Island…

click to enlarge                                        …THE FOREST :)

click to enlarge                                       …Let’s PARTY!

click to enlarge

                                      …Little Crowded…

click to enlarge

…THANKS for Coming FRIENDS Let’s CELEBRATE! The 101 days of Summer FUN :)

click to enlarge …You Friends are AWESOME FUN Penguins and TOGETHER we ROCK!

click to enlarge …New and Old Friends having FUN TOGETHER :) This is the BEST with Club Penguin!

click to enlarge …I am so HAPPY to see my old Friend Femelaping :) She once won a Drawing Contest I had :) Contest Winner video!

click to enlarge                                …Party in Floppyj10’s Igloo :)

click to enlarge

…POPCORN :) Thanks Fro Bro98 for making More Popcorn :)  We ALL LOVES to eat SNACKS YUMMY :)  Best Web Browser for viewing Animations:) 

                                 …Popcorn Party Dance :)


      …My Igloo :) WOW! This is a Big Crowd WELCOME FRIENDS!

click to enlarge                  …POPCORN and COTTON CANDY for EVERYONE :)

click to enlarge …Some Penguins call me April or Sara Please use my name Saraapril otherwise I don’t know for sure if you talk to me…Thanks :) Poor Spider880 like me he don’t know for sure if the name April or Sara really means me…

click to enlarge…I LOVE the Crow’s Nest It is a Spectacular view from up here and so is it from the Arizona Cliffs :)

click to enlarge           …It is so Much FUN to having a End of Summer Party :)

            …and I LOVE to be back at School :) HAPPY RUNNING :)

                                     …SLED RACE TIME :)

click to enlarge …Gbulldogsg, Kusita, me and Owen1075 are on are way down the Slope…

click to enlarge

        …Good Game :) I agree with Kusita Let’s Get Ice Cream :)

click to enlarge

                                   …I LOVE Ice Cream :)

…have you seen Peggie Quin’s Outfit? She looks GREAT :) We all do in our Party Best :)

click to enlarge …More Sled Race :) Lenny500, Peggie Quin, Dorina8 and I Races this Time :)

click to enlarge

    …Sorry Friends I got to go…THANKS for Coming to this PARTY :)

click to enlarge …You are very Welcome I am Happy that I could Help you Floppyj10 :)

click to enlarge                         …CONGRATS! Friend :) And Goodbye!

click to enlarge …LOL…I am Back! Mum gave me some MORE Computer Time :) THANKS MUM! Lets Play The Penguins That Time Forgot :)

click to enlarge…Back in my Igloo my Puffles are so Hungry I must Feed them and Play with them so they gets HAPPY again…Done :)

click to enlarge

    …Let’s visit Owen1075’s Igloo :) WOW! This is a GREAT Igloo :)

click to enlarge …Owen1075 gave us Tea and Cookies :) Thanks and we sat down to eat and Talk :)

click to enlarge…A BOWLING Ally! Owen1075’s Puffles are so Friendly and they LOVES Funkyawesome :) Sommfi, Dvivoni and Leeny500 are really Good at Bowling :) aww so cute The Yellow Puffles have has so Much FUN that she needs a nap…

click to enlarge

…Yellow Puffle is Awake and TOGETHER we having a BOWLING SINGING and DANCE PARTY :)

                  …Sorry…Times Up I has to go…BYE FRIENDS!

click to enlarge…THANKS for Coming to The PARTY FRIENDS :) TOGETHER WE ROCKED Club Penguin! Waddle ON! See you ALL again in CLUB PENGUIN :)

                     101 Days of FUN in Club Penguin 2009 :)


Joanna7777 said...

Sorry...I just forgot...Don't worry I'll have a party soon

Risingmoon200 said...

hey sarapril thx for adding me!

... said...

Wow lots of animations and pictures! I hope you had fun Saraapril! :) I know I did! And I was shocked at how many penguins came :D

Oh and also sorry for calling you April or Sara. Sometimes when I try to talk to you I don't think it shows on anybody elses, but April does.

Peggie Quin said...

WOW!! That was an awesome party! Thanks for the great fun, Floppyj10 and Saraapril! Friends forever :)

... said...

Thanks Peggie Quin! :) I had a fun too :) Friends forever!

Anonymous said...

I was in that! I was wearing green sweatshirt, blond ponytail, white sunglasses, the color brown, star necklace, blue shoes and the teddy bear. i even recorded it!!!!!! I'm waddles186! Thx for adding me saraapril.

Saraapril said...

Hi Joanna7777 GREAT so will I :)

Saraapril said...

Hi skycloud19 :) You are very Welcome my Friend :)

Saraapril said...

Hi Floppyj10 :) Yes it was a FUN Party :) I think Saraapril shows...otherwise try Sara april Thanks :)

Saraapril said...

Hi Peggie Quin :) You are very Welcome :) Thanks for coming to the Party my Friend :)

Saraapril said...

Hi waddles186 :) You are very Welcome My Friend :) You had a GREAT Party Outfit on and your Teddy is so cute :) Thanks for coming to The Party :)

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