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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why is The Sky Orange in Club Penguin?

So Much FUN going on in Club Penguin right Now :) And it is an EXCITING Time for ALL Ninjas! 
This is News from The Club Penguin Times:
Orange sky a sign says Sensei until September 20 This week, many penguins were shocked when the skies dramatically changed from blue to orange. Following this strange event, Sensei started a scavenger hunt around the island. We spoke to the Card-Jitsu master to find out why. “Look to the mountains, my students. The element of fire is stirring. Long have we waited for this,” he told us.

click to enlarge Ninjas have also reported experiencing strange reactions to fires around the island. Sensei believes that these signs show that ninjas are ready for the next step in their journey. Prepare for a New NINJA Journey :)

click to enlarge“You have been training hard, my students. Nature shows me that you are ready to continue your journey.” “I ask you all to search the island and gather the flames to spark great event.”

Sensei’s scavenger hunt runs now until September 20. Make sure you’re hot on the trail of fiery items! Until September 20, 2009 Help Sensei gather fire and prepare to take The Fire Path!

click to enlargeI went to Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy and asked for a scientific explanation to The Orange Sky…This is Gary's Answer…

click to enlarge“Generally when the sun changes color it means there is something in front of it,” he told me. “It may be due to a partial solar eclipse, it could be a giant balloon left over from the Festival of Flight, or it could be smoke. Of course, where there’s smoke there’s fire.” The orange sky, whilst I’m sure you’ll agree is very pretty, is not expected to last for long. What it means is most curious indeed!

Thanks Sensei! Thanks Gary! This will be AWESOME! I’m so EXCITED!

        NINJA AMULET Key to New Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)


BotnMelon said...

if you look at events at the end of the newspaer you can see a thing on the ground showing what it will look like in the future

Teesam from PL said...

Global Warming!

CP supposed to be -15C now only -5C

Sorry, Bad joke

Jhuyu26 said...

YES! This is a bit off-topic but NEW FURNITURE TOMORROW!
Drum roll please!

With the.....

*drum roll stop*


becsta45763 said...

you are the best cp blog ever!!! plz add my by the way on cp your story about sensei is it true?


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