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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anniversary Party 2009 one day Only :)

Club Penguins Fourth Anniversary Party is here soon :) These are Two Articles Aunt Arctic has Posted in Club Penguin Times about this FUN Event :

Penguins Celebrate  4th Year! October 24

Penguins are preparing to party in celebration of Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary. We spoke to a member of staff at the Coffee Shop to get the lowdown on how to celebrate this special 1 day only event.

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“It’s a bit of a tradition, that we get together every year to celebrate the day Club Penguin began,” he explained.

“We hold it in the Coffee Shop because it was one of the first places on the island that penguins could visit.”

“And because it’s traditional, there are certain things we always do,” he told us.

“We always decorate the shop the same color as our hats. We always like to look through the new Yearbook in the Book Room. And of course, we always eat a lot of cake…”

Be sure to bring your buddies to join in the fun at the Coffee Shop, on October 24.

Club Penguin turns 4! Saturday October 24

Saturday, October 24, is Club Penguin’s forth Anniversary Party, and all penguins are invited to come to the Coffee Shop and celebrate! This one-day-only event will have party hats, cake, music and a special Yearbook that looks back at all the wonderful events of the past year.“I can’t believe Club Penguin is turning 4! one excited penguin commented.

click to enlarge“It seems like yesterday that I first started waddling around the island. It’s amazing how much things have changed!”

Aunt Arctic, Chief Editor of the Club Penguin Times added this noted for everyone to read:

“Each year, I am amazed at all the incredible stories and experiences I head from penguins all over the island. This truly is a special place, and is possible only because of the wonderful penguins who call it home.

Thank you all for a delightful year – and I can’t wait to see what the next one holds!” – Aunt Arctic

                   Happy77 talks to Anniversary Party  Planer :)

                  Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary is AMAZING :)


Teesam from Cambodia said...

My friend from Thailand will come to my country on 24 october. I'm not sure I can go or not.

PS:Please approve.

Vinvin67 said...

Hello Saraapril it's me :) ! I have some informations for you. Look in the fun activities and the fan gallery, there are cool things ;) Bye :)

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