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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I got Card-Jitsu Cards Today :)

Today I have got REAL Card-Jitsu Cards! THANKS Mum and Dad :) I got this Box with ALL the cute Puffles :)

click to enlargeIncludes: 24 Club Penguin Puffle Deck Cards + Foil Cards + 3 Exclusive Code Cards :)

I Like my New Card-Jitsu Deck and I LOVE The small stories on the Cards they are so CUTE :) It is so Much FUN to Play REAL Card-Jitsu :)

And I got POWER Cards to Unlock Online in Club Penguin…I unlocked this:

Niblet Card! ”From the Snowman emerges the almighty Niblet, the mighty Green Puffle! He’s been trying to become a white Puffle by hiding in snow.”

Rainbow Puffle Card! Is this a multi-colored living legend, or just a creative little yellow Puffle who has been having a bit of fun with some paints? You decide!

Flare Card! “So you think this is fast? Well, you should see how I move when I got shot from a cannon! It’s a riot! And I think. actually,it increases happiness levels.”

POWER CARD! Keeper of the Boiling Room “Talk about an incredible job, the keeper exclaims in the middle of a bounce.”Everyday dancing required and a cheerful nature a must…”

click to enlargeNiblet AGAIN!?! That isn't FUN at ALL! I wonder why this happened? I clicked on Enter Another Code and I STILL got a double!

Cadence and the Keeper Card! “Yeah, this little green guy is an epic win, “Cadence grinned. “He’s got all the right moves. He totally knows where the party’s at. He’s definitely a keeper, lolz!”

 Loop Card! “Hmmm…I wonder if my lasso would work the same under waster. I mean,it’s be super cool to see if I could round up some pearls, wouldn't it?

POWER CARD! White Puffle Card! Close your eyes and picture…A crisp snowflake. A single sheet of blank paper. A simple pearl. A white Puffle. You see, small things can sometimes conceal great power and majesty.

click to enlarge Snowy Night Card! Penguins and Puffles never get tires of the snow falling in Club Penguin. Best friends like to take some timeout from their busy life to watch it fall together.

Abominable snow Puffle Card! “I’m telling ya, it was absolutely massive! At least twice the size of a penguin and it had these huge claws like a crab. I was shaking in my snow boots!”

Blast Card! “Dude. Soooo loving the shades. They make me even stronger and more silent. Maybe later we can hang out and I’ll eat a puffle O to entertain ya.”

POWER CARD! Yarr Card! “Avast!” cries Rockhopper. “What be them flares me sees on the horizon? What’s that ye say Yarr? Arr, I think it be a message from me buddies at Club Penguin, too.”

click to enlarge…LOL…I wants to Play my Offline Card-Jitsu Cards ALL the Time now :) Tomorrow I will bring my New Card-Jitsu Cards to Grandpa so we can Play TOGETHER :) Littletias refuse to play anymore he says that he is TIRED…and we have only Played 19 Times…I think it is because he losing so much he needs to Practice more so he can become a Ninja too…Grandpa NEVER refuse to Play but sometimes he needs a Nap :)

                    Golden Card Codes for Card-Jitsu Game :)


TheAwsomness said...

I think it's cool ur playing with your little brother! =( my brother never plays with me he's always at partys

Saraapril said...

Hi TheAwsomness :) Littletias is Cool and he is the BEST BIG Brother EVER :) And he promised me to Play More Card-Jitsu Tomorrow :) I hope your Brother will Play with you too :)

Joanna7777 said...

Hi Sara!Well...Look at the binoculars at the cove...

slinky59402 said...

Cool. I got some about 3 months ago and I love the power cards

Anonymous said...

Wow. ive wanted cards, but im already a ninja.... and people have loaned me their guys to get them to be

Darkpuma said...

Great post and you rock!
Visit my website at:

Zonda95 said...

Lol, for Halloween on Clubpenguin, I'll be Merlin, or a Leprechaun! Haha, what will you guys be for Halloween on Clupenguin?

Lard Beak said...

Hi Saraapril!
Thanks for commenting on my website! I put your banner on my website, you should be able to see it now. Do you mind if I change the image a bit so it will be the same size as my other advertising slots? I wish my big sister would play CP with me. :(
Waddle On!
~Lard Beak~

Saraapril said...

Hi Lard Beak :) You are Welcome and Thats okay :) I have added you to my Blog List :) See you in Club Penguin Friend :)

Teesam from PL said...

Do you request it or your parents buy it without requests?

Saraapril said...

Hi Tessam from PL :) I have wishing for Card-Jitsu Cards for a Long time but it was a TOTALLY Surprise that I got them Now :) Mum and Dad just gave me a PINK Glittery Box and when I opened it it was PUFFLE Card-Jitsu Cards inside :)

TV2 said...

Cool! I have 32 cards on Card_Jitsu

Jhuyu26 said...

COOL! What's your favorite? Well now you won't need to try to visualize when I say I like the "Cadence and the Keeper" card!!
Plus, I hope they come out with the Halloween costume I'm going to be THIS year: A Devil! I WAS going to be a Candy Corn Witch but it wasn't my size..
On Club Penguin I'm going to be the either the Ghost (I know a glitch where you don't have feet!) or something new... like a moose!!

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