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Friday, October 23, 2009

Preparing for the Anniversary Party with Friends :)

When I walked in to the Coffee Shop today I was surprised…there were no Party Boxes to unpack, no decorations to put up nobody worked to prepare for the Anniversary Party…I decide to start Work Immediately!

click to enlarge …My Friend Yellow 1003 came and helped me with Decorating Tips :)

click to enlarge

                        …I was working with the Couch when…

   …Storm1012 wanted to be Painted…Sure this will be FUN :) Purple?

      …PINK! I LOVE to Pint you in PINK :) This will be so Pretty :)

click to enlarge …Storm1012’s Mommy Bettypotte1 helped to wash off the Paint I dropped on the Floor…THANKS :) Both Pink 2 Pink and Yellow 1003 has Pretty Outfits :)

click to enlarge                              …Back to Work…What Color?

…Yellow 1003 wants PINK or Purple…I LOVE that :) I will go with Purple on this wall…LOL :)

…Pink, Purple,Red and Yellow is a GREAT Combination for a Party Hat GREAT Wish :) Well Done Kendle 1998 you’re working so hard to help us to be ready for Tomorrow You are GREAT :)

2009-10-22 17.14.34 - Copy

…It is so Much to be Done before Tomorrow…I am Glad that Ewok55643 came and helped out too :)

      …Hello Spider 800 :) Sorry I have no time for Pizza right now…

click to enlarge                            …a quick cup of Hot Chocolate…

click to enlarge                            …Thanks Ewok55643 you too :)

click to enlarge

                             …Time to work same More :)

…ATTENTION! ALL Penguins are Needed in the Coffee Shop to Help out  with the Party Decorating and to bake the Anniversary Cake :) Next Year I wish for a Cake Baking Game and a Decorating Game so we can Help to Prepare for the Fifth Club Penguin Anniversary :) Please Club Penguin can we have that Next Year? Please :)

                 Club Penguins 4th Years Anniversary Cake Pin :)


Spider880 said...

That wasn't me. That was just some guy named Spider 800.

Saraapril said...

Sorry Spider880 my Mistake...I will correct the Post Please Forgive me...I miss you can I see you in Club Penguin soon?

Spider880 said...

That's ok Saraapril. Yes I'm sorry I haven't been on CP alot lately. It's been really crazy over at my house some. I'm sick right now by the way. This is my second day missing school, and I have to go see the doctor later today.

Chunkyman1 said...

aawwww I missed this friendy meety thing too!

MonsterCJR said...

Saraapril, you're wrong about the party hat colors, I can tell, I will tell you the answer about 12 hours early, Green, Blue, and Yellow. You'll see. Sure they may be in a different order but the CP Paper Said.

Saraapril said...

That's sad Spider880 Get well soon my Friend

Spider880 said...

MonsterCJR, I think the colors will be blue, green, and purple. Take a look at the colors on the 4th Anniversary Cake Pin.

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